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  1. Geran

    Is it possible to lower fan threshold on a SM X9SCM board?

    Please delete this thread...I figured it out. Hi, I am looking to lower the fan threshold on my X9SCM using IPMITOOL with the following command (sudo ipmitool sensor thresh FAN1 lower 50 100 150) and it keeps telling me that "sensor data record not found". When I run the ipmitool sensor list...
  2. Geran

    [SOLD] Bundle of 3 Supermicro chassis and other items

    SOLD Hi, I am selling the following items in this picture as a bundle. This will be pickup only. Price - $200 for everything, nothing will be sold individually. HP NC550SFP Dual Port 10GbE (x2) (1x Short bracket for NC552SFP) Cisco Genuine SFP-H10GB-CU1M 1 Meter DAC Supermicro SC216...
  3. Geran

    Two PCIe SSDs (3.2TB & 1.6TB)

    Samsung 3.2TB V-NAND F320 NVMe PCIe SSD - $265.95 free shipping Intel SSD DC P3605 Series PCIe 1.6TB SSDPEDME016T4S - $157.65 free shipping
  4. Geran

    WTB: Supermicro Black (Gen 5.5) Hot-Swap 3.5" Hard Drive Tray

    Looking for one (1) Supermicro Black (Gen 5.5) Hot-Swap 3.5" Hard Drive Tray
  5. Geran

    [FS] [US-MD] Four (4) Intel 710 100GB SSDs

    Looking for sell four (4) Intel 710 100GB SSDs. Price below based on SMART data. If all are purchased, the price would be $65/all shipped. There is no warranty and returns will not be accepted because of a couple of bad sectors or high writes relative to normal SSD. Mainly I'm just trying to...
  6. Geran

    FS: Supermicro X11SCZ-F & Two (2) E-2176g (SOLD)

    Hello, I bought these items with a couple of server builds in mind, due to my current situation I need to sell these. 2x Xeon-E 2176G - $275 OBO SOLD 2x Supermicro X11SCZ-F - $250 OBO SOLD Prices are shipped. Bundle pricing available if a motherboard and CPU are purchased together. Free...
  7. Geran

    FS: Two DFI DT122-BE & 1u Supermicro Xeon-D

    Hi, I am clearing out some equipment I've gathered over the last year. (1) DFI DT122-BE (Complete system) - $125 Shipped SOLD -Crucial 16GB (2x8GB) RAM -256GB Samsung PM871 mSATA (1) Unopen DFI DT122-BE (Barebone system) - $80 Shipped SOLD (1) 1u Supermicro Xeon-D (Complete System) - $375...
  8. Geran

    Two (2) DFI DT122-BE

    New thread:
  9. Geran

    Cache drive for unRaid over 1TB

    Looking for a cache drive for unRaid that's over 1TB. I have one available PCIe and would like to get something to use for a cache drive. Maybe something that would fit in a 2u chassis if possible...if not, I can swap things to my 3u instead for full-height cards.
  10. Geran

    Q4 2019 cleaning sale

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  11. Geran

    Giveaway - Dell R210ii on reddit

    If anyone would like to try and win an R210ii, go to my Reddit thread and pick a number :) Good luck! [FREE][US-MD] Giveaway - Dell R210ii : homelabsales
  12. Geran

    Looking to upgrading my Unraid server

    I'm in the process of updating my Unraid server and looking at one of the options below. My current setup is an X9SCM w/ E3-1280v2 and 32GBs of RAM. Option 1 CPU: Intel E-2176G (6 cores, 12 threads) Motherboard: Supermicro X11SCZ-f Option 2 CPU: 2x Intel E5-2620v3 (12 cores, 24 threads)...
  13. Geran

    Looking for inexpensive DDR4 UDIMM

    Does any one have a link or source for inexpensive DDR4 UDIMM. Would like to get 16gb sticks but will settle for 8gb.
  14. Geran

    Xeon E-2176G w/ two different Supermicro boards

    Mini-ITX version - SuperMicro X11SCL-iF ITX w/ Xeon E-2176G ($520 obo, seller said they would take $490: 5 remaining as of this posting) MicroATX version - SuperMicro X11SCZ-F & Intel Xeon E-2176G ($530 obo, seller said they would take $475: 3 remaining as of this posting) Figured this is a...
  15. Geran

    SOLD: Dell R210ii

    Hi all, I bought this server a while ago but recently I decided to go a different direction with the hardware I want to use. I'm open to offers that are reasonable, so feel free to message me. Also I will prioritize local pickup over shipping. Located in the DC metro area.
  16. Geran

    FS: 3x Dell R210ii, 1x Dell rails

    See new thread here:
  17. Geran

    Options to replace FiOS router

    Hi, I am about to upgrade my internet to FiOS "gigabit" in the next couple weeks and I want to get rid of the supplied router from Verizon and I have a couple options to pick from. I would like to run full "gigabit" while also doing IDS and/or IPS. The rest of my network is a Unifi POE 48...
  18. Geran

    1u chassis for Xeon-D board

    Hi, I am currently looking for a 1u chassis for my Xeon-D 1521 (X10SDV-4C-TLN2F) that can hold a full-height expansion card. Also if possible, it would be nice to have one with hot swap 2.5in bays (no more than 4). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Geran

    FS: Brand New Ubiquiti US-16-XG (SOLD)

    Price: $475 shipped (PayPal) or $450 picked up in the DC Metro region SOLD I am looking to sell my brand new/unopened Ubiquiti US-16-XG (newest revision) as I no longer need it for my network configuration. The price above includes shipping to the lower 48. A little history...I originally had...
  20. Geran

    SSDs for a file server

    What are the recommended SSDs for a file server to serve as my the main storage server for my wife's and I files?