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    Fileserver Upgrade: S775 to Haswell

    Our oldest fileserver is soon to see the final day of service; it's full and only utilising half of the chassis it's in, so it's time to upgrade. Existing build: Intel Q9400 Intel S3200SHV 8GB ECC DDR2 Norco 4224 M1015 (IT) 2x Crucial M4 as OS mirror 12x2TB WD Green HDDs Seasonic X-560 Gold...
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    FS: Intel E5-2630, boxed

    We have one of these surplus to needs so it has to go. Comes with receipt, original box. Has been kept cool in the server! Looking for $455 including registered/insured post, worldwide. They're still around $630 new.
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    WTB: Single or Dual Socket G34 board, KGPE-D16 preferably

    As the above says - will consider mostly anything at the moment as it's for a fun project but ideally I'd want the KGPE-D16 due to having PIKE cards and whatnot already. Budget is a vague couple of hundred bucks, it'll really depend on what board we're talking about.
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    WTB: E5-2630 or better

    Looking for another Xeon for a personal project and I'm trying to keep costs down... so if you have one you want to upgrade or get rid of let me know :)
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    WTS: Intel dual 10Gbe NIC - x520-t2

    Thought I'd post this up here first before anywhere else: Done with testing and we have one surplus. Looking for $290 - happy to post worldwide if there's interest. Manufacturing date 03/12.
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    Xeon E5-46xx processors available for preorder

    One retailer in AU has them, anyway; the models available are: E5-4603 (2.0, 4C/8T, 95W) E5-4607 (2.2, 6C/12T, 95W) E5-4610 (2.4, 6C/12T, 2.9T, 95W) E5-4620 (2.2, 8C/16T, 2.6T, 95W) E5-4640 (2.4, 8C/16T, 2.8T, 95W) E5-4650 (2.7, 8C/16T, 3.3T, 130W) E5-4650L (2.6, 8C/16T, 3.1T, 115W)...
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    Update for Crucial M4 SSDs regarding SAS expanders/RAID cards

    000F - worth looking at if you're using them in a server, by the looks of it. Time to update all of ours - I'll be interested to see if there's any performance difference.
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    WTB: 2xM1015

    One failed and I didn't have a spare as it was put into another server so I need two replacements; I would rather give someone here the cash before heading to eBay. Anyone selling them at the moment?
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    WTB: 3U or 4U chassis

    I need a couple more 4U chassis' so I can put more of the home/office boxes into the rack. 3U may also be suitable for one of the systems which still has stock cooling. Located in Australia - local prices are generally $200+ for even a basic Norco so I thought I'd see if anyone was selling...
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    This is our home and small business fileserver and virtualization machine, replacing a similar system which was housed in a Fractal Design Define XL chassis. Current spec: i7-3820 (waiting on E5 Xeons to hit our shores then will be swapping one in) 32GB Kingston ECC RAM (1333) Asus P9X79 WS...
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    Asus P9X79 WS

    I didn't see a thread on this motherboard after the review - if there is already one please point me that way :) Picked up this board to replace our P8B WS with and we've hit a snag installing ESXi 5.0 where it hangs loading megaraid_sas. We've updated to BIOS 0802 and the system is running...
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    WTB: IBM M1015, LSI equivalent or similar

    Hi guys. We're after a PCI-E 2.0 x8 6.0gb/s controller with 2 (or more, I suppose) SFF-8087 ports which works with ESXi. We're located in Australia. Let me know if you're interested in selling one!
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    Adaptec 6405e experience in ESXi

    Well, we picked one of these up as it seemed like the most useful thing we could stick in the x1 slot in our ESXi server... ...and it works like a charm (so far.. it's only been a day or two) once the driver found here is added to esxi...
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    Small webserver advice

    Hi guys. We've been asked to put together a small Ubuntu Server-based web server running bbPress for a business. Given that there will be max. 50 people accessing it total and probably max. 10 simultaneous users, would it be reasonable to expect an Atom processor with 4GB RAM to handle the...