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  1. altano

    Colocation Networking

    I’m moving a bunch of homelab hardware into a colocation rack. Some of it will be exposed to the public internet but most of it (storage server, ipmi interfaces, etc) will be private. My understanding is that the colo gives you an ip public prefix and you bring your own networking equipment, and...
  2. altano

    FS: 10TB Ultrastar DC HC510 x 7 (Los Angeles) (SOLD)

    SOLD I've got 7 x 10TB Ultrastar DC HC510 drives. These were used in a homelab NAS for a few years so they should be very low on wear. The thing is, I'm feeling very lazy (I don't have HD boxes) and I only want to let someone come pick them up in Los Angeles. They're going for an average of...
  3. altano

    SAS drives with SATA breakout cable?

    I have a motherboard with a mini-SAS port and I have 4 SAS drives. Can I use a mini-SAS to 4 SATA forward breakout cable or does the forward breakout cable have to be mini-SAS to 4 SAS (which I can't even find for sale)?
  4. altano

    No IP address on OmniOS?

    I have an OmniOS + napp-it server hosted on ESXi. It's been running fine for years. Today I lowered the memory in the system and allocated less memory to the VM and now, when it boots up, it has no IP address. I can get into the shell from the ESXi host just fine and it looks like napp-it is...
  5. altano

    eBay SSD Provenance?

    I just bought some SSDs off eBay and I'm having trouble determining their provenance because: They have different product numbers on the front and back Neither product number has any google results The model # doesn't have any google results The listing said they were made in Malaysia but the...
  6. altano

    Quieter 80mm fans?

    All anyone talks about is replacing 80mm fans in SuperMicro chassis to make them quieter, but no one ever mentions model #s. My go to 40mm fans are the SuperMicro FAN-0100L4 when I actually need to move air (but much more quietly!) and the Noctuas when low cfm is okay. What should my goto...
  7. altano

    DNS Server? Appliance?

    I want to supplement my UniFi Dream Machine Pro's extremely limited DNS functionality by getting a DNS server. I'm thinking of running it as an appliance and avoiding the container/vm route. I'm slightly familiar with Unbound through the pfSense GUI. I have simple needs: Automatic DNS entries...
  8. altano

    Cheapest SSD NAS?

    It's going to be costly to properly vent my rack space in my new apartment, so much so that I'm considering just reducing the heat generated instead. The main source of heat in my current rack is a 16-bay storage server with 3.5" mechanical SAS drives. The only other things in my rack are two...
  9. altano

    [GONE][US-CA] rack console (FREE)

    UPDATE: item is gone. I have a Wright-line V1ULCD15TB 1U slide-out rack console available for free. VGA/ps2 connectors. Works great and includes the power brick and rails. You must pickup in 90026, I will not ship.
  10. altano

    [WTB] Rack Road Case

    I'm having trouble finding a rack road case for sale that meets the very basic requirements of being: * 5U+ * 10.5"+ deep * Shock-proofed a little (foam, rubber, whatever) * Not on casters * Less than $500 Anyone have a road case lying around they want to sell? All my equipment is 1U so I'd...
  11. altano

    Moving a rack?

    Does anyone have any advice on how to transport a server rack hundreds of miles in normal house move? I'm going to take all the hard drives out and put them in road cases and move those in my car, but what about the servers? I'm going to have movers but I obviously don't trust them to pack these...
  12. altano

    [Bay Area] COVID-19 Hardware Support

    If you're stuck at home in the Bay Area, relying on your home lab more than ever, and you have a hardware emergency, post what you need here. Maybe someone (like me) can help you out. I recognize this is a weird thread to start, but I figure it is worth it if a single person can make use of it...
  13. altano

    GPU Rackmount Chassis Suggestions?

    I'm speccing out a VM server that's going to have a few GPUs. I was thinking an ASRock EPYCD8-2T, an Epyc 7452, and some GPUs I have lying around (currently a MSI RTX 2080, Quadro P400, and a Quadro P2000). Anyone have any recommendations for a case? I don't need ANY drive bays so it can be...
  14. altano

    PSA: Mysteriously hardware-sensitive M11SDV-8C-LN4F

    I struggled getting my M11SDV-8C-LN4F (Supermicro Epyc 3251 motherboard) stable for several months. Every ~2 weeks the M.2 SSD (and in fact the entire PCI slot) would just disappear from the system. Resetting the system from IPMI would not correct the problem. lspci -v would just stop reporting...
  15. altano

    ZFS GUI? (request for comments)

    Over the years I've used all sorts of hard-drive pool management tools and file systems like Drive Bender and Windows Storage Spaces. My current home pool now runs on ZFS and the one thing that feels lacking is a solid, usable GUI for pool management. When starting out with ZFS I evaluated...
  16. altano

    What is this SSD?

    Anyone have any experience with these "Toshiba/HP" SSDs? I bought this off eBay, labeled as "HP / Toshiba XG5-P 2TB": Is it a Toshiba SSD or an HPE SSD? What's with the two serial #s? I tried to check the warranty but Toshiba won't accept the left serial number and HPE won't accept the...
  17. altano

    Napp-it web gui issues

    I rebooted my OmniOS server (to change the drive configuration) and now napp-it is misbehaving. I wasn't able to access the https site on port 82 at all but the port 81 http site allowed me to get to get to the login screen but had this error: " 1069: background taskserver is not running...
  18. altano

    X10SDV-7TP4F (best all-in-one server board out there)

    I am selling a used X10SDV-7TP4F Supermicro board. $900 $800 shipped (US, will ship internationally if you pay for it). Board specs: CPU: Intel Xeon D-1537 Broadwell-DE (8-core/16-thread) Network: 2-port embedded 10GbE (SFP+) + 2-port embedded 1GbE (Copper) + 1GbE OOB/IPMI TDP: 35W Storage...
  19. altano

    20-pin ATX + Supermicro PJ1 port?

    Hey Everyone, The new Epyc Supermicro boards come with this weird power setup: they have both an 8-pin CPU plug and a weird, proprietary-looking port (PJ1) that comes with an ATX adapter (CBL-PWEX-1063). I believe the Xeon D-2100 boards have the same setup: The manual says: Question: Can I...
  20. altano

    Epyc 3251 thermal paste replacement

    I'm having a lot of trouble passively cooling my Epyc 3251 CPU on the M11SDV-8C-LN4F in a 2U case. I'm even ducting a fan to the heatsink and it's not enough: the CPU hits 90 degrees under full load and I have to abort the test. I thought I would try replacing the thermal paste on the CPU (since...