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  1. Kei-0070

    10Gbe poor performance in windows

    Just ran some basic testing on the 3 machines that are going to be linked together via 10Gbe and found some slightly strange performance issues. This is the kit that is linked together: Switch - Juniper EX3300 with juniper SR transceivers no vlans or L3 features enabled 1500 MTU PC1 - Windows...
  2. Kei-0070

    Watercooled Threadripper workstation

    I actually built this in 2009 but it runs up to the present day. I use this for a big mixture of gaming, video editing, video capture, media conversion, audio production/capture/editing/restoration and photo editing. Poor thing does take a hammering. It's been water cooled since it started life...
  3. Kei-0070

    Home storage server

    This project started out as a budget project to reuse old equipment that I had stashed around the house. This was the spec I started with: Gigabyte MA-790FXT-UD5P AMD Phenom II X4 955 Corsair Dominator 4GB 1600 128GB Samsung OEM SSD Nvidia Quadro FX3500 LSI MegaRaid SAS 8888ELP Belkin USB 3.0...
  4. Kei-0070

    Solarflare SFP+ 10Gbe cards

    I've seen the odd thread that suggests that the 7122 model is pretty good. Most of the models I've found are listed as: SF432-1012-R2.0 S7120 SF329-9021-R7 I'm guessing these are cards from OEMs like dell/IBM etc. Does anyone have any experience with any of these models?
  5. Kei-0070

    Mellanox Connectx-3 not being detected

    Recently bought a Dell branded mellanox connectx-3 (CX322A PN: 19RNV) off ebay to put into my server but so far with my testing, I've not been able to get it to show up. Since my server is presently in bits awaiting a rebuild, I tried it in my old X79 based machine. I took it's intel X710 card...