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  1. Stefan75

    Huawei S1720X-32XWR managed switch power consumption & noise?

    Innovative Energy-Saving Design - The S1700 supports Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), which enables the switch to enter a power-saving mode when traffic is light. - The S1700 can adjust the power output for transmissions based on the cable length. It can also set any ports that are not...
  2. Stefan75

    Can I use HGST 8TB SAS3 disks in a SC846A?

    Hi Been using a SC846A for a while with: - LSI 9201-16e - 2x IBM expander - 20 SATA disks (2-5TB NTFS+Snapraid) Found an auction for 10x used HGST 8TB SAS3, about $120 each. (Sektoren:4KB mit Emulation (512e)Drehzahl:7.2K) I'm guessing they're from a SUN server. Would these disks work in my...
  3. Stefan75

    Mikrotik compatible with Brocade 57-0000075-01 transceivers?

    Hi I'm quite new to optical networking. Can I use these cheap transceivers with the modern Mikrotik gear? Garsent 10G SFP Fiber transceiver module for Brocade Fiber transceiver module 10GE SR SFP + 57-0000075-01 850nm thanks
  4. Stefan75

    Mellanox ConnectX-3 - DL360G8 - PCIe slots

    I'd like to get a HP DL360e G8 and install two cards: - LSI SAS 9201-16e (x8 gen2, full height) - Mellanox ConnectX-3 (x8 gen3, low profile) But the server only has: - full height PCIe gen3 x16 (x16 slot) - low profile PCIe gen2 x4 (x8 slot) Will the ConnectX-3 work if it only has gen2 x4 and...
  5. Stefan75

    Mellanox ConnectX-3 on ebay look strange

    Hi This seller is confusing me... Are these normal MCX311A and MCX312A ? Did they add an additional cage/heatsink?
  6. Stefan75

    Dell 10gb NetXtreme II 57710 compatibility

    Just got 2x "Broadcom NetXtreme II 57710 Single Port 10GBase-T Ethernet PCI-Express Network Interface Card"... part number: 0RK375 My test PC can't detect the card at all and the fan doesn't start. Did Dell cripple these cards to only work in their servers?
  7. Stefan75

    WTB: cheap QSFP+ to mini SAS cable

    Anyone know a place for cheap QSFP+ to mini SAS cables? $52 for 1m is the best I could find: 1m QSFP+ to Mini SAS Cable Assembly
  8. Stefan75

    SMB3 multichannel experience

    Hey Just wanted to post my experience with SMB3 multichannel. On one side I have Windows 2012 server with 2 HP/Broadcom NICs. On the other side Windows 10 with a PCIe x1 Intel NIC and the onboard Realtek. I go through two Netgear GS116Ev2 that are set up to make 2 separate VLAN/Subnets. The...
  9. Stefan75

    SC846 / PWS-902-1R PSU mod

    I'm running my SC846 in JBOD mode with HP SAS Expander and a shorted ATX pin. I want to quite down the PWS-902-1R PSU. The current fan is a Sanyo Denki 9CRA0412J505 Sun Ace 40x40x56. It has 2x 3pin connector, so I guess the speed is controlled by voltage. What options do I have? - resistor...