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  1. britinpdx

    X10SDV-4C-TLN2F - Looking for recommendations for an M.2 drive

    I'm finally implementing a Xeon D system based on the X10SDV-4C-TLN2F. Any specific recommendations for M.2 drives in the 256~512GB range (or which ones to avoid) ? If I wanted to implement a U.2 drive based off the M.2 port, it looks like I just need an adapter (m.2 to SFF-8643) and a cable...
  2. britinpdx

    FS: Supermicro LGA1155 Combo items

    Edit History: 5/15/17 17:04 - Combo #3 sold 5/17/17 06:38 - Combo #4 sold 5/18/17 20:08 - Combo #1 sold 5/26/17 17:22 - Combo #2 sold I have a few Supermicro LGA1155 items that I'm offering up for sale. These have been great general purpose lab tools that I've used for exploring many setups...
  3. britinpdx

    WTB: Asus ASMB8-iKVM IPMI Upgrade Kit

    I'm looking to source the ASMB8-iKVM module to add IPMI to an Asus Z10PA-U8 motherboard. So far I've located an item on eBay from an Italian seller ... just checking in case anyone this side of the pond (I'll qualify "this side" to be USA) has one they can part with ?
  4. britinpdx

    Recommendations for a replacement UPS ?

    It is time for me to replace the batteries on several of my UPS units, which got me thinking ... The oldest one, an APC 1400 Smart UPS (SU1400RMXL3U) is one that supports 2 small servers and ancillary switches etc. It has a network management plug in card that works well for my needs. This unit...
  5. britinpdx

    SOLD: Supermicro LGA2011 systems

    Edits: 12/27/16 15:55 - Updated Shipping details 1/1/17 - Server #1 SOLD, Server #3 pending 1/5/17 - Server #3 SOLD, updated the shipping notes 1/20/17 - Server #2 SOLD, updated thread title from FS: to SOLD: I'm planning out my 2017 "wish list' (new workstation build, additional Canon glass...
  6. britinpdx

    SOLD - Intel LGA2011 Pedestal Server / Workstation

    Edit: 4/10/16, 16:26 - One pedestal server sold, one remaining Edit: 4/10/16, 17:25 - 2nd pedestal server sold SOLD Intel Server System P4308IP4LHGC $495 + shipping An integrated 4U system featuring an Intel Server Board S2600IP4 supporting 10 I/O slots: two mezzanine (x8) slots, eight PCIe...
  7. britinpdx

    FS: Enterprise SSDs

    Listing updates: Edit: 4/9/16, 20:52 - 4x S3700 400GB sold Edit: 4/9/16, 21:51 - 2x S3700 100GB sold Edit: 4/10/16, 16:28 - 2x S3700 400GB + 1x S3700 100GB sold Edit: 4/16/16, 06:57 - 4x S3700 100GB sold Edit: 4/30/16, 12:36 - 1x Samsung MZ7WD960HMHP 960GB sold I have a number of Enterprise...
  8. britinpdx

    SOLD: Intel Pedestal Server - P4000M chassis + S2600CP2J motherboard + ...

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Edit: 12/15/15 - SOLD Edit: 11/24/15 If this specific configuration is close (but not exactly) what you are looking for I can possibly modify to suit your needs (such as dual CPU config, memory, graphics, drives etc). Start up a conversation !! Fixed typo on motherboard...
  9. britinpdx

    FS: LGA1366 Motherboards & CPU's

    Edit 11/22/15: updated sold item #1: Supermicro X8DT6-F with 2x Xeon X5670 SOLD #2: Tyan S7012GM4NR with 2x Xeon L5630 $95 + shipping 18 DIMM slots, 4x GBe ports (2x 82574L, 2x 82576), BMC with iKVM See the Tyan Web Page for more information / manual etc #3: HP SE3011 System Board -...
  10. britinpdx

    SuperMicro AOC-STGN-I2S - which transceivers work ?

    I have a SuperMicro AOC-STGN-I2S (Intel 82599 based x520 clone) incoming. Is this card "locked" in any way (possibly to to the Supermicro AOC-E10GSFPSR transceiver) or is it "open" to work with say the Finisar FTLX8571D3BCL transceiver ? (I have a few of the Finisar at hand)
  11. britinpdx

    [Sold]: Jetway NF99FL-525 Mini-ITX Motherboard

    Edit 11/11/15: SOLD Atom D525 Mini Itx motherboard ... see the Jetway web page for details. Includes the AD3INLAN-G Daughterboard Expansion Module and 2Gb DDR3 1333MHz Asking $95 + shipping within USA or Canada (import duties and taxes are not my responsibility). I'm on the west coast...
  12. britinpdx

    FS: Supermicro 1155 motherboards / barebones

    EDIT: 11/20/15 Updated sold item, reduced prices on other items SOLD: Low power LGA1150 Server LGA 1155 1U barebones Very few operational hours, mainly for testing. Chassis: CSE-512L-200B Motherboard: Supermicro X9SCL Also included is the MCP-220-00051-0N 2x 2.5" hard drive bracket...
  13. britinpdx

    FS: Asus P8C WS motherboard

    Edit: 11/21/15 - removed sold items from original listing See the ASUS web site, and Patrick's review for details. Only used for for a short while, comes with original box, all of the accessories & docs etc as follows .. Asking $85 + shipping.
  14. britinpdx

    [Sold]: Lenovo Thinkserver RD640 70AY0006UX, BNIB, Warranty through 2017

    Edit: 11/19/15 Server Sold Here's the link to the Lenovo product landing page. William's review of the RD640 ThinkServer at Tweaktown. Basic Details Brand Name: Lenovo ThinkServer RD640 Product Model: 70AY0006UX Number of Processors Supported: 2 Number of Processors Installed: 1 Processor...
  15. britinpdx

    [Sold]: Gnodal GS4008

    Edit 11/11/15: Unit is Sold. Moving from 1GbE to 10/40GbE ... then look no further. 8x 40GbE QSFP 40x 10GbE SFP+ The unit itself is fully functional, but I'm only using a handful of the 10GbE ports (every port has been tested however). I originally tested and verified the QSFP ports at 10GbE...
  16. britinpdx

    SOLD: Dell C6100 Motherboard & Power Supplies

    EDIT: 11/21/15 - prices lowered 2/5/16 - items sold I still have some spares leftover from my C6100 days that need to move along to a new home. DX61P Motherboard - $55 +shipping I actually have 2 of these, but I can only get one to boot. I can get the remote KVM to respond on the "no boot"...
  17. britinpdx

    Intel 730 480GB SSD - Newegg Memorial Day Weekend, $199.99

    The 480GB Intel 730 SSD is back on sale at Newegg for the Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Price is good through 5/25/15. Also on sale as a Daily Shell Shocker Deal is the Intel 730 240GB SSD for $104.99. It's a shell shocker deal, so good for 5/22/15 only.
  18. britinpdx

    ES Xeon Discussion

    The topic of ES Xeons has been mentioned in a few threads recently, and I'm somewhat ignorant and it's time to educate myself (and others I'm sure). Intel do have a support page that gives some basic information on Engineering Samples (and do point out that they are property of Intel)...
  19. britinpdx

    FS: New In Box LGA2011 Workstation Components

    Update 06/13/15 16:45 SOLD ! I have some "new in box" components that I am offering up for sale as a bundle. Items as follows ... Intel i7-3930k LGA2011 CPU, C2 stepping, SR0KY EVGA X79-SLI motherboard EVGA GTX550TI Obligatory Photos of the parts: 1) Still shrink wrapped .. 2) CPU Details...
  20. britinpdx

    4TB HGST Coolspin $129

    Fry's have the HGST Deskstar 4TB Coolspin drive on sale for $129 through 1/15