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    2x E5-2680v2 CPU's - 8x16GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz Ram - Dell C8220 Dual Socket Motherboard

    Selling off some parts I'm not using. Qty 2 - E5-2680v2 -$350 shipped for both Qty 8 - 16GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz Ram - $200 shipped for all Qty 2 - Dell C8220 Motherboard. Dual LGA2011 socket. TDN55 part number - $50 shipped each Qty 2 - Asetek 510LC with LGA2011 Hardware - $40 shipped each...
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    X9DRE-TF+ No Video Output or IMPI

    Recently bought a X9DRE-TF+. Installed an ES CPU (E5-2650). Installed one 4GB stick of ram. Board is setup on a sheet of bubble wrap outside of a case. ATX power supply powering the ATX 24 pin connector and the first 8 pin connector. Left the second 8 pin disconnected as the sticker on it says...
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    WTB: Supermicro Backplane BPN-SAS-216A or BPN-SAS3-216A

    Recently bought a Supermicro 216 case, and didn't realize the EL1 backplane in it had such limited throughput. Looking for the 216A backplane. Hoping someone might have one used they are looking to sell. Thanks.
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    WTB - Supermicro MCP-240-82506-0N Rear Window

    Looking for Supermicro part number MCP-240-82506-0N. It's the rear window for the 825, 826 2U cases. If anyone has one they're willing to part with, or if anyone knows where I can pick one up, let me know. Most of the web sites on my Google search seem sketchy. No luck on eBay.
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    HP 561FLR-T 10Gb - #6 Fan Problems - DL380P/DL385P G8

    I recently bought a handful of HP 561FLR-T cards off eBay to upgrade to 10Gb home network. I installed the card into my DL380p G8 server into the LOM slot, plugged the machine back in, and I heard a fan come on. I pulled the cover off, and the #6 fan is running constantly, even with the server...
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    FS: DL380p G8, DL385p G8, DL360 G7, Dell C8220, Mellanox IS5022, DDR3 RAM, + More - Indianapolis, IN

    All prices open to reasonable offers. Willing to trade for: -Supermicro 2U, 3U, 4U case -Supermicro dual LGA 2011 motherboard -Supermicro dual G34 motherboard -Enterprise SSD’s -E5-2630L V2 processors -SFF Enterprise 600+ GB drives -High end graphics cards -Intel X540-T1/T2 Cards -10Gb RJ45...
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    Dell PowerEdge C8220 Build and Questions

    Does anyone have experience working with the Dell C8220 motherboard outside of a server unit? I tried to do a search, but only came up with one thread tagged with C8220. I picked one up recently with the hopes to use it as an overkill PC. Kind of an experiment to get my feet wet with server...