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    Meraki MS220-series FOSS firmware

    Anybody here with an MS220-8P flashed with this firmware that has working port status lights? Mine works absolutely fine (ssh, switching and all), except none of the port status lights seem to work. Just wondering if this is normal.
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    Q: Single ATX Power Supply as Multi-Voltage, Multi-Device centralized DC power bank ?

    No reason why it wouldn't work, but even an ATX power supply is pretty bulky, even more so if you have a breakout board like that. A normal enclosed power supply is much more compact and will probably suit you better. For example: MEAN WELL Switching Power Supply Manufacturer Even if you...
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    Repair - Supermicro 833T-653B

    Damage like this is easily remedied by bending the damage back with pliers (wrap the jaws to prevent marring the surface), or flattening it in a vise, or even putting the damaged portion against a flat surface and hammering it with a big piece of wood from the back. Takes very little effort.
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    UEFI motherboard needed with killer feature... a fixed boot order

    Pretty sure you can manipulate the efi boot entries using efibootmgr from a linux install. I recall there being an option to force specific boot orders, though I'm not sure if they get overwritten by other operating systems since I don't have any systems that boot more than one OS...
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    Problem booting proxmox with 9400-16i installed

    This affects probably zero other people in the universe, but just for the sake of completeness, I'd like to report that after updating to P17, everything works fine with no other changes. I had written the whole thing off as a lost cause and left it on my parts shelf, but I'm glad I had some...
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    Problem booting proxmox with 9400-16i installed

    I went ahead and tried booting debian from a usb stick, same behavior. I tried FreeBSD as well, and athough it gets further along in the boot process, it eventually just hangs for a bit and reboots. I also tried taping the smbus pins, but that didn’t do anything either. The card has been updated...
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    Problem booting proxmox with 9400-16i installed

    You're referring to the taping of pins B5 and B6 correct? I never had to do it with my H310s in the past but I know it's an issue on some boards. I guess it doesn't hurt to try on the 9400 either. Will give it a shot and report back.
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    Problem booting proxmox with 9400-16i installed

    I've got a Proxmox box at home that's been running fine for years now (Gigabyte consumer X58 board, X5690), with my mirrored zfs boot disks hanging off of the onboard Intel SATA ports, and a bunch of other storage connected to a pair of 9310-8i HBAs (SC836 w/ TQ backplane). I just got a...
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    FS: 8TB HDDs, ZuesRAM, SAS3 & More!

    Are there any differences between the STEC zeusrams and the HGSTs that I see for sale occasionally?
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    Flash HP 649281-B21 656089-001 to Mellanox Firmware

    Update: Either I'm stupid (likely!) or flashing didn't work. It still acted like a VPI card. Luckily I went to (surprise!) READ THE DOCUMENTATION, and learned that you can use mlxconfig to set the default port config independently of the kernel module. In my defense, it's only mentioned in a...
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    Flash HP 649281-B21 656089-001 to Mellanox Firmware

    Sorry to bump an old thread but I just went through this process and it worked great, but I'm having issues with getting my kernel module option to stick and it sometimes defaults to infiniband. I want to actually disable infiniband support completely. Do you all think it's possible to flash the...
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    1M Monoprice QSFP+ DAC $3.48 (ebay)

    I've been on a 40GbE buying spree lately so I've been searching ebay constantly and came across this: I've had ok luck with monoprice for other things, no idea about DACs though. That said, it's only $3.48. I checked the monoprice website and it's listed at $12.80...
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    Movin' on 40GbE

    Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll need to think about it some more before pulling the trigger on cables and/or transceivers.
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    Movin' on 40GbE

    I have a quick question for you 40GbE gurus out there. I just picked up two connectx-3 cards and wanted to link the two up directly about 15M apart (in a separate room) Are those MPO cables that seem to cost a gazillion dollars per meter (combined with surprisingly cheap QSFP+ transceivers) my...
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    Sector counts for replacing ZFS disk with different model

    I thought when letting ZFS manage the partitioning, as in adding whole disks to a vdev as opposed to a pre-configured partition, it adds an 8MB partition to the end of the disk to account for potential differing sector counts between models of disks of the same overall size? I was under the...
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    Supermicro SAS-836TQ Sideband/SGPIO

    With the help of that document you linked, I was able to compare the wiring on the cable to what "should be" the pinout. The cable is a no-name cable I managed to source locally. Looks like the standard china-made variety with the blue SATA wires. Anyway, interestingly, all the pins for GPIO...
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    Supermicro SAS-836TQ Sideband/SGPIO

    No idea if the cable is pinned correctly. All the sata connectors seem to work at least. I'm tempted to try a different cable but that's extra money... Anybody have a pinout for sff-8643? I want to check woth my multimeter. Searched everywhere but couldn't find one.
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    Supermicro SAS-836TQ Sideband/SGPIO

    Interesting, though I wonder why... I feel like sideband is sideband. As long as the wiring is there, it should work. Maybe they just say that because sff-8643 to sata with a sideband backplane is not common or standard for sas3?
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    Supermicro SAS-836TQ Sideband/SGPIO

    So, I have an SAS-836TQ and up until last week, had everything connected with SFF-8087 <> SATA cables with flashed H310s (9211-8i). These cables however didn't have the 8-pin SGPIO wiring. I've just switched to an SAS3 HBA (Flashed M1215, 9340-8i) and this time, bought cables that include the...
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    FS: Supermicro X8, LGA1366 CPU, misc. PCIe cards, some RAM

    The video cards are both full height. I've personally had success with both, but iirc the 2000 was less picky about board choice than the 4000. Had an asrock z68 that didn't like the 4000 but worked with the 2000, but my gigabyte x58 board works with both. If I was the gambling type I'd say...