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    EXPIRED ebay Intel P3605 1.6TB HHHL - 140 (sold out)-150 (sold out) USD shipped

    Edited to update deal status as dead. I've been watching this for a while and is the best price I've seen on the p3605. I've purchased from the various buybest's before and have not had an issue that they didn't fix and they have cut me some deals beyond what is in their listings when buying...
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    The Green Hornet - All Flash Mini-ITX NAS - 100TiB usable

    Project: Little Black NAS Build’s Name: The Green Hornet Operating System/ Storage Platform: TrueNAS Core (now) or TrueNAS Scale (maybe) CPU: intel Xeon D-1520 Motherboard: Supermicro X10SDV-4C-TLN2F with active cooler Chassis: iStarUSA S-35EX Drives: Micron 5100 ECO 7.68TB (14), Micron 5300...
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    (US) $557 NEW Intel Optane 905P Series 960GB 2.5" x 15mm U.2

    Edit: Yikes didn't do my homework enough. Newegg has these for $557 Linkage limit 5 don't bother with the bay listing. Original post. 600-700 is in the realm of what I see for used Optane 905p 960gb and honestly I have not seen that many and even fewer u.2 drives. This listing purports to...
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    EXPIRED Expired: Great deal on used 1.6TB SAS3 HUSMM1616 drive $120USD shipped conus

    Second best deal I've seen in the last 30 days for this drive. HUSMM1616ASS205 93% health $120USD shipped conus. Looks like no intl ship. 5 available at the time of this post. there are plenty of threads talking about this drive so I'm not going to repost all that. TLDR/S - great...
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    EXPIRED ES intel Optane P4800X 750GB $450 on ebay, 2 available

    For those that want their data to live (a bit) on the edge $450.00 - 750GB Intel SSD P4800x Optane NVME U.2 2.5" SSDPE21K750GAES Eng. Sample
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    Seagate EXOS 16 16TB Whitelabel SAS *funk* in the S.M.A.R.T

    I'm looking for thoughts, comments, ridicule, ideas and anything else. :oops: Edit: TLDR: Basically I'm not getting any extended SMART data. Just Health Status: OK - which I'm not sure I trust based on other indicators. At the end of the year I had some money I could spend and picked up some...
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    Need a CSE-512 and X10SLL-F ?? $105. + ship for the combo.

    Not a screaming deal but maybe you're looking for this. Seller will accept OBO $105.00 for the combo. shipping is another $23.00... Chassis, motherboard, heatsink, may or may not have I/O shield. Seems to be an okay deal since the chassis is 50-60 dollars and the motherboard seems to be 70 and...
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    [FS][US-CO] : SOLD. Ruckus R710 $185.00 - price dropped

    Updated 20220421 - all R710's sold. Located in CO All SOLD. Local Pickup Front Range (Denver Metro and surrounding) or UPS Shipping CONUS included in price. 
 I accept PP, Zelle or Venmo 
 Price includes shipping CONUS via UPS Ground. Any other shipping method buyer pays shipping. Qty 1...
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    SOLD: FS (US-CO): Price DROP: Qty (0) HGST SS200 1.92TB 2.5” SAS3 SSD All drives sold.

    Qty (0) - all drives sold. HGST SS200 1.92TB SAS3 SSD
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    DEAD: Another HGST 1.6TB SAS3 deal $180 - $140 OBO (in qty)

    DEAD HGST 1.6TB SSD SAS 2.5" 12gbps Hard Drive HUSMM1616ASS204 0B32174 All drives have been sold. Listing showed up in my search yesterday. Not sure why there's an offer listed from November. Drive has an EMC part number on it. Probably 520 byte blocks so may need to reformat. The seller is...
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    HGST 1.6TB SAS3 - $140 - HUSMM1616ASS204

    I guess today is the day for HGST SAS SSD deals - here's another one. HGST 1.6TB 12 GBPS SAS HUSMM1616ASS204 2.5" $140 - Next nearest price is about $225 with SM tray included (205 variant). Edit - Seller states 93% health remaining Edit - EMC P/N on drive - could be 528 byte blocks and may...
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    DEAD Sun Oracle 1.6TB F160 / Intel SSD DC P3605 Series $179.00

    Sun Oracle 1.6TB Flash Accelerator 7090698 F160 Card Intel SSD DC P3605 Series US $179.00 Edit: Deal is dead. I think this is a pretty good deal, not as good as the one last May at $160 OBO auto accept but still less than the P3605 has been trending @ $200.00 At the time of this post the...
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    Supermicro X10SRL-F $205 OBO - $120 OBO accepted in qty

    Edit - 12/18/19. 6 available. a STH user cancelled their order and seller has created a new listing SuperMicro X10SRL-F ATX Single Socket LGA2011 v3 DDR4 Motherboard X10 Edit - 12/14/19 All gone. Edit - Seller increased price due to demand currently at $204 for a single board and $185 qty...
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    Need Boot? Intel DC S3700 100GB $18.39 OBO shipped

    PSA - I don't need any - but maybe you do? 100GB SSD 2.5" SATA Solid State Drive Intel SSD DC S3700 Series SSDSC2BA100G3P $18.39 OBO shipped. These are HPE labeled but do not appear in the 32768 bulletin (at least I didn't see them in it). Seems like a pretty good price. sample picture shows...
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    Intel DC S3500 120GB $20.00 - need a boot drive?

    Intel DC S3500 120GB $20.00 shipped + tax. Certainly not a screaming deal, but if you need boot drives probably better than a usb stick. IIRC about this time last year the S3500 80GB were the same neighborhood just slightly less. Has 100+ in inventory at the time of this post. Posting in...
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    DEAD: HGST SSD1600MM - HUSMM1640ASS201 - 400GB US $47.95 OBO

    Updated 10/29/19 Updated 11/2/19 Updated 11/6/19 Updated 02/14/2020 by @int0x2e - New seller @47.95, OBO 8 @37.50 accepted - YMMV. Updated 02/14/2020- In this latest episode of how the SSD's sell: 30 drives sold in 3 hours... possible STH effect at play. New link, new price at $59.00 each...
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    Ebay - Supermicro 4U CSE-417 72 Bay 599.00 OBO YMMV

    Supermicro 4U CSE-417 72 Bay SFF Barebone Server 2x 1400W PWS Rails 599.00 + 70.00 s/h OBO of 465.00 + 70 s/h was accepted (Started at 425). I had the impression after they accepted my offer that the seller (The Server Store) might have accepted slightly less but YMMV. It was a reasonably...
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    WTB (US): LP Brackets for MCX354A-QCBT / 649281-B21

    Looking for Qty 2 Low Profile brackets for MCX354A-QCBT / 649281-B2. I'm thinking someone might have a couple in their junk bin. Right now on eBay they're about $5.00 from China and $8-$15 from sellers I'm pretty sure are actually shipping from China even though it says somewhere in the US...
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    macOS Mojave 10GBASE-T experiences/advice?

    Does anyone have any practical experience with compatible 10GBASE-T adapters on macOS Mojave? Devices that work well, those to be avoided? Interested in standalone TB3 adapters, PCIe sidecars (and associated NIC), and docking stations. Use Case: LAN based pushing/pulling/rendering images &...
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    SOLD: FS: 1 pair of 2 post rackmount brackets for Brocade ICX6610 - used

    SOLD. For Sale: 1 pair (L+R) of 2 post rackmount brackets (used) for Brocade ICX6610 switch and 12 8-32 3/8" screws (new) to affix brackets to the switch. Price: $23.00 and includes shipping Shipping: From Denver, Colorado via USPS Small Flat Rate Box to CONUS only Payment: PayPal only...