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    Jumping on the 10Gbe wagon

    For a while now I have been thinking about upgrading some servers and a workstation to faster network, and for me 10Gbe is the next logical step. This is for my home network, so nothing mission critical etc. For me noice is a bigger concern over cost, but then again I will have to pay for...
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    Intel X540-T2 - passive or active cooling

    Thinking about buying a few Intel X540-T2 10gbit nics, and I see that it comes with passive cooling and active cooling (only Dell clone?). How hot does these get? I will use them in my home, and will not get hammered 24/7 by a long shot. Two of these will each be in a Norco chassis , and I want...
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    Issue with Supermicro X8DTH-6F and L5639

    Hi, My OpenSolaris-server has been running on a Supermicro X8DTH-6F with a single E5620 for about 18 months, and I was contemplating buying a 2nd E5620 when I saw Patricks article about the L5639. Ordered two L5639 from eBay and received them last week. On thursday I decided to do the...