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  1. brianmc

    pfSense on Proxmox What Does Networking Look Like?

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to wrap my head around running pfSense in a VM. I get external network to the NIC passed through to the VM. Internal NIC to the Linux bridge. VM's are on this bridge so that's OK too. What IP is the Proxmox host then? I'm totally confused on this part.
  2. brianmc

    AMD EPYC 7551 CPUs 2S Capable 33% off $2219

    Current gen CPUs don't go on sale too often. I was researching the EPYC line and saw these on ebay. They've got 32 cores like the 7601's and just appear to be slightly lower clocks. $2219 ea. Here's the link New AMD EPYC 32 CORE PROCESSOR 7551 2.0GHZ 64MB L3 CACHE TDP 180W PS7551BDVIHAF |...
  3. brianmc

    Samsung PM953 960gb m.2 $179 and new

    I saw the great thread here on STH about the PM953 480GB drives for $90 each. There's a quantity of new drives for $180 that have twice the capacity *NEW* Samsung PM953 MZQLV960HCJH 960GB M.2 SSD MZ-1LV9600 | eBay For comparison here's the nextgen pm963 for $270 NEW Samsung PM963 960GB M.2...
  4. brianmc

    pfSense RAM and CPU

    What's the going assumption on RAM for pfSense. I am not doing IDS, just as a VPN and NAT gateway. I'm upgrading to Xeon D1508 and Xeon D-1518 Do I need dual channel RAM or can I get away with single channel? 8GB x 1 or 8GB x 2 enough or should I use 16GB DIMMs?
  5. brianmc

    mSATA PCIe VGA card

    Has anyone tried this yet? I've got a few old embedded platforms that video would be really useful for since they've got m PCIe for wifi cards that I'm not using. Sometimes it's nice to have VGA locally. Maybe nobody has but I didn't know these even existed before today. Add on Video Graphic...