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    [WTB]HP FCLGA1356 heatsink and back plate

    Looking to get FCLGA1356 heatsink and backplate for FCLGA1356 socket for HP servers, specifically for HP DL360e Gen8.
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    Scammer Alert

    I created a thread that I want to buy rails for Dell R620 then I received this PM from user Jay.201 : It was obvious that this person was a scammer since they want to talk over email and not on this platform. Of all my other sales and purchases, nobody has requested this. So I wanted to have...
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    EU [WTB] Dell R620 Rails, 10GbE NIC Dell Daughter Card

    I'm looking to get the following 3x Dell Rails compatible with Dell R620 3x Dell 12th Gen 2x10Gb SFP+ & 2x 1Gb RJ45 - MT09V / C63DV / 6VDPG If I can't find a good deal on the Dell Daughter Cards then I would have to get it in the PCIe form: 3x 2-port 10GbE SFP+ half-height PCIe network card
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    EU [WTB] 19" Rackmount USB Hub >= 10 port

    I'm looking to connect some equipment to monitoring server over RS232 serial communication. My plan is to get a rackmount USB Hub with 10 or more ports to connect a bunch of RS232 to USB converters. Can't find anything in stock or priced decently so hoping to find it here.
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    EU [WTB][Expired] R720 SFF

    I'm looking to purchase 2x R720 with 8x or 16x 2.5" slots. Must have: rails >= 64 GB RAM both PSU-s backplane cables Optional: H310/H710 mini Cable management arm CPU (v2) Front Bezel Price: up to €500 depending on the configuration I'm also looking to get the following for the R720 above...
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    EU [WTB][DONE] Thin clients / SFF PC / low power

    Looking to get >=5 Thin clients / SFF PC / low power pc (max ~25W) up to €25/piece
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    EU [WTB][DONE] Dell 1u 12Gen rails, LFF Caddy, CMA, bezel

    Looking to buy the following for 12Gen 1u Dell server R320 8x LFF Caddy 3x Front bezel 4x CMA 4x Rails
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    [WTB] DELL R320/R420 Motherboard

    Apparently I have bricked my iDRAC with an upgrade package so I'm looking to get a working R320/R420 motherboard, preferably in the EU but I accept offers from worldwide.
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    EU [WTB] [DONE] 4x dual-port 10G sfp+ NIC

    Looking to buy 4 dualport 10G sfp+NICs compatible with 12/13 gen Dell servers.
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    What is wrong with my drives?

    I have 6 Dell branded seagate exos 15E900 (ST600MP00xx) that were in 3 dell R320 in RAID1 on a H310 raid card, working fine. I cleared RAID config from H310 UI and proceeded to flash IT mode on to the H310's. Everything went successfully. Next I wanted to install linux on the drives so I...
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    EU [SOLD][FS] Dell R510 with 24 TB of storage

    I have Dell R510 with the following specs: 2x E5620 (for €40 I can replace them with L5640) 32GB DDR3 RAM H200 flashed in IT mode (HBA) 1x 300 GB SAS 10K drive mounded inside 12x 2TB Seagate Constellation SAS drives + 1x cold spare Comes with rails + EU power cables + front bezel Runs...
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    EU [WTB] 1U low-power server/pc

    Looking to get a 1U rack mountable low power server. It should preferably be a 2 post mountable. If it is not, it should include rails and/or other mounting equipment. It should come with everything (CPU, RAM, Storage), but if it does not have everything I might work around it depending on the...
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    EU [WTB][DONE]SFF computers

    I want to buy low power small form factor PCs. Requirements are: Up to 10W CPU At least 2GB of RAM Including some storage Up to €30 a pop Will only buy if you have at least 3 units due to the shipping costs.
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    EU [WTB][DONE] HP 1u Gen8 rails, caddies and SSDs

    I want to buy the following: 3x HP DL360 G8 front bezel 2x HP DL360 G8 rails 6x DELL SFF caddy 4x HP Gen8 2.5" caddy 3x SATA cable for HP DL360e(p) G8 > 5x Enterprise SATA/SAS SSD > 120GB 7x Cheap SATA SSDs for testing environment (up to €15 a pop) 2x Enterprise SSD for OS around 120 GB
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    EU FS: HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 / HPE MSA P2000 G3 / misc server equipment

    Downscaling my homelab so I have a few things for sale (prices listed are per one item): Quantity Item Price 14 HP StorageWorks LFF Hard Drive Tray/Caddy with SAS - FC interposer (79-00000523, 60-272-02) € 25 11 HP Seagate Constellation ES 2TB SAS 7200RPM 6GB/s € 50 1 HP StorageWorks...