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    Netgear web based UI function.

    Hey all, Just a small post in case anyone in the future looking back and has the same issues then that I have faced kinda now regarding Netgear web based interface functions working correctly on some switch, firewall models within some browsers & versions. I cannot fault WIN32 Netscape
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    Cisco WaaS 6.4.x rescue iso

    I cannot seem to gain enty to a CISCO WaaS rescue CD-ROM, does anyone have access, I'm kind of stuck with a WAVE 7541 which I'm also in the process of upgrading the processors to hex cores along with the SAS drives. I would really love to use WaaS, as it was when new but with some upgrades...
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    ESXi 6.5u3, 2xCX-2 within 2node IBM X3950x5 verses DELLs

    Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue, yes a little dated on two cards (ain't rich). Heres the scenario, three exact same ESXi6.5u3 installs within either a DELL R810, CS24-NV7 using the Mellanox MT26428 (dual QSFP) IB cards all with the latest firmware are working...
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    Compatibility Free/TrueNAS Chelsio T420/580 eth speed.

    Hey folks, I was wondering and have been asking around concerning a few Chelsio T4x & T5x (UWAs), I'm waiting on a delivery to test out the Chelsio T420 within my Free/TrueNAS server which will raise the throughput to 10GbE per port (roughly), but I'm also embarking on testing the T580 which...
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    QSFP+ > 4xSFP+, GridDirector 4036, FreeNas & ESXi/ProxMox complications?

    I've read a lovely article on STH and I wonder if I could pose a scenario possibility I was seeking to obtain. Heres the article link: I utilise a Mellanox GridDirector 4036 (36x QSFP/+) linked to nodes containing the...
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    Network, routing help needed. Willing to pay for assistance.

    Hey folks, I'm a bit mythed on a few items mixing a few technologies and I was wondering if anyone with some experience would be willing to personally assist via the internet, like through skype, email or discord to aid me to reach a working solution involving routing an assigned IP from my...
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    Mellanox 4036 (IBS05?) gaining access.

    Hey folks, In short I've imported an Mellanox Voltaire 4036 infiniband switch from the USA to the UK and although I've had no electrical issues as you'd expect because it runs such a varied voltage spectrum I have however had some troubles with basic logging in, namely accessing accounts such...
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    DIY Voltaire 4036+e web2cmd interface.

    Hey folks, *I could be way off even my own topic here too as my personal experience with this model and even the fact it's not even delivered yet is a troubling issue to my factual experience on the matter, nice disclaimer eh.. (he says) The Voltaire 4036 switch even for its age is a very...
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    [WtB] QSFP+? > SFF-8088 cables, 2pcs

    Would anyone have any QSFP+[SFF-8436??] > SFF-8088 cables for sale at a reasonable price, finding it hard to source within the UK at present. Just looking about for possible avenues of purchase and as you are all here, something might turn up :) Thank you.
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    NetApp DS2246 + HBA? with RAID options?

    Hey folks, Seem to be getting myself in to a right kafaffle here with regards to options, part numbers and correct information regarding both. Simply put, I'd like to connect an NetApp DS2246 to an HBA card that supports RAID 1+0 at bare minimum, could anyone point me in the direction of the...