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  1. ccie4526

    Cheap 32in 4K IPS Monitor with Displayport, HDMI, usb-c inputs $330 FS

    And I'll show my ignorance now... no idea what 10-bit IPS is. ;-)
  2. ccie4526

    Cheap 32in 4K IPS Monitor with Displayport, HDMI, usb-c inputs $330 FS

    Surprised noone has mentioned it... if you're ok with HDMI out from your computer, just go buy a nice 43" 4K TV from Costco or similar for $279 and use that as your monitor. I've been running a Samsung 43" 4K TV as my monitor for the last 6 years.
  3. ccie4526

    The extremely simple set-it-and-forget-it local MS compatible DNS server?

    ++ for pihole. I've got it deployed as a forwarder for AD, as well as being a direct resolver for inside devices. The important thing is that outbound firewall rules are necessary as there are some devices that will still try to reach out to google dns or other external resolvers in spite of...
  4. ccie4526

    Datto case, what's the OEM?

    Datto SIRIS S4B2 | eBay Looks like at least one here in the US.... shame about the custom chassis as it does look interesting.
  5. ccie4526

    ISO: Small switch with 2-4 SFP+ ports and POE+

    Not inexpensive, but keep your eyes open for the Cisco 3560CX-12PD switch... 12x 1G PoE+, 2x1G nonPoE, 2x SFP+, and fanless. I have one on my desk.
  6. ccie4526

    EU FS: Xeon-D 1520 (Supermicro) and 1521 (ASRock) mini-ITX in Supermicro CSE-E300 chassis

    I'd *LOVE* to get one for use at my house in IT, but I suspect my idea of a "good deal" would probably be considered an insult, not an offer. ;)
  7. ccie4526

    US - STH Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Damn, wish I'd have seen this on your for-sale list. I'm looking for something newer to replace a XTM525 pfsense box. ;-)
  8. ccie4526

    US - STH Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Color me #4 on the list.... @BlueFox - What's the model/part number of this unit?
  9. ccie4526

    A little bigger than TinyMiniMicro... (question re memory types in a build)

    Looks like I finally figured out my answer. The machines use the Intel (IvyBridge) Q77 and (Haswell) Q87 chipsets respectively, and it appears those chipsets do NOT support ECC memory. Apparently you need to have the C-series chipset (IvyBridge = C216) (Haswell = C222, C224, C226) in the...
  10. ccie4526

    A little bigger than TinyMiniMicro... (question re memory types in a build)

    Of course the TinyMiniMicro project is of great interest, but the inability to add an additional NIC to the unit (except in the case of certain Lenovo units, but then you lose the space to add a 2.5" disk) is somewhat limiting... so I'm going just a little bit bigger. I've got access to a...
  11. ccie4526

    Hospitality APs for WiFi 6 home wireless? Ruckus H350, Aruba 500H, Extreme AP302W

    I'm doing something similar using Cisco AP702W units. Single feed PoE with 4-port switch to connect out to stuff. If you feed the AP with 802.3at power, it'll give 802.3af output on one of the switchports.
  12. ccie4526

    My WS-C3560G-48PS is going ding ding ding.........................................

    The 3560G definitely does not have any speaker of any kind. Fan is a definite possibility, especially if one isn't spinning at full speed and the blade is hitting something. Unfortunately, the command "show env fan" only gives an OK or Not OK result, it doesn't provide any details of fan RPM...
  13. ccie4526

    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    VLAN hopping attacks will normally only jump you off of whatever tagged VLAN you're on over to an untagged VLAN. If you don't have an untagged VLAN configured on your trunk links, then attack mitigated. Even better if you do NOT use VLAN 1 anywhere in your network. I run internet outside on my...
  14. ccie4526

    Intel X710-DA2 for OCP for USD 7.99

    I need a couple of these (or X520s), but not OCP. Glad I didn't jump first then find out they wouldn't work.
  15. ccie4526

    WTB - Mikrotik CRS305-1G-4S+IN

    I was just noticing yesterday that inventory of those things has pretty much dried up here in the US.
  16. ccie4526

    Did you hear tonga volcano explosion last night in your country and where?

    Noting the satellite imagery, some of it came from GOES-17. Happy to have been a part of the team that build the ground station network infrastructure upon which that video/image stream transited. :)