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    ConnectX3 40GbE only works at 10G in FreeNAS

    I am having a strange issue in FreeNAS: I have a few HP MCX354A-QCBT cards with 10GbE. I had one installed in my FreeNAS box. It connects successfully to my SX6012 switch port with speed set at 10G. Recently I setup a Ubuntu box to flash all of them to FCBT. After that, they can connect to the...
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    Replacing SM SC836 Power Distribution Module

    I am trying to replace the existing PDB with Supermicro 23-Pairs Power Distributor (PDB-PT826-8824) so that I can replace the PSUs with 1280W PWS-1K28P-SQ . However, after removing all screws that I can identify, the PDB still cannot be removed. Has anyone done this before and have a tip or two...
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    Help needed to get HGST He8 drives working

    I bought 3 refurbished HGST He8 4Kn drives (Model HUH728080ALN601) from eBay recently to replace my failing drives, which are of model HUH728080ALN600. However, I cannot get them working in either Windows (Server 2016) or Ubuntu (18.04 LTS): - Windows disk management can see them but cannot...
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    New Mellanox Voltaire 4036E - Dirty Cheap?

    Newbie here. I think $400 is a great price. I wish I did not buy the Oracle/Sun 4036 from them for $237 yesterday! New Mellanox Voltaire VLT-30038 Grid Director 4036E 1U 34x 40Gb Port QDR Switch