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    HGST Helium 10TB SATA $110

    Ahh...the joy of SnapRAID! If it holds data...its good to go!
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    EU SOLVED - Looking for short 1U rack server = 10 inches/25 cm deep.

    Along with the SC505, these 1U Supemicro Chassis also have front I/O: - SC503 is similar in depth to the SC505 series - SC513 & SC515 are deeper than SC505, but also have front I/O
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    FS: 400TB+ in High Capacity Hard Drives and SSDs (SATA & NVMe)

    PM Sent concerning the 8TB drives. Thanks!
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    Arctic P8 or other consumer fan for 2U Supermicro chassis?

    Unless there's stuff out there that I've never heard of, I don't think you can set or change RPM on a mechanical drive. Even Western Digital admitted after the fact that Green drives were fixed RPM. They carefully marketed them as operating at RPM between X and X...and they let everyone...
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    open box Supermicro motherboard on Newegg

    So, totally ancedotal evidence, but: I got an open box Asrock Rack server board a while back...came with EVERYTHING the retail one came with, even cables and IO shield still sealed in the bags. OTOH, they only guarantee you'll get a bare board. Maybe...just maybe...if its a server board, you...
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    Dell R720 iDrac : Express vs Enterprise

    All R720 have an iDRAC port built right onto the motherboard. The included port comes with BOTH Express and Enterprise, but only Express is automatically enabled. To “upgrade” to enterprise you need to get an Enterprise license code, which you enter into an iDRAC configuration.screen to unlock...
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    Arctic P8 or other consumer fan for 2U Supermicro chassis?

    My experience...which is worth as much as you are paying for it: 1. Generally with fans of the same size: if its quieter, it pushes less air and doesn't cool as well. There are exceptions, and there is a range of performance of course. But, you really need to keep in mind that most really...
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    Dude this should NOT be in a Dell Switch… or HPE Supercomputer

    I know the thread is old. But, after reading that story about the Dell switches, I've been compulsively checking labels every time I see them. For example, the one in this post from over in the Great Deals section. Its an Ivy Bridge generation Riverbed appliance American...
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    FS: Lanner Atom C2558 Fanless Network Appliance - $50

    Thought I'd ask, in case other folks got the idea to try their hands at something like this: @BlueFox, did you install pfSense via serial into "AUX", or did you pull the CF card out and load pfSense onto it with another computer?
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    FS: Lanner Atom C2558 Fanless Network Appliance - $50

    You've got a message from me too!
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    Cheap x9 supermicro

    And (other than Asus) its super easy to do without the need for a programmer or other physical tools.
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    Cheap x9 supermicro

    Ahh...this is maybe why I've had no success with soldered chips. I was using the clip that came with my cheap Amazon programmer "kit". I know the programmer does work when it comes to socketed & de-soldered through hole chips, so I guess the clip is, as you say, junk. Thanks for the advice.
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    Computer keeps turning on, randomly

    Was the computer fully turned off or was it suspended/sleep? is it simply waking up, or is it restarting? If its an issue with waking, rather than turning on from an poweroff state, you can try: powercfg /requests to see if anything is blocking your systems sleep state.
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    Computer keeps turning on, randomly

    ^^^This. Plus, if you haven't checked it, look for the BIOS setting for what the system does when recovering from a power loss. Different manufacturers/board models call it different things and/or put it in different menus, so you may have to search around. Most of the time, the setting...
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    Cheap x9 supermicro

    Not to hijack @T_Minus's thread...but may be helpful knowledge for anyone thinking about reflashing his motherboard: @eduncan911 : I've always used a CH341A + linux desktop for flashing. Works great for socketed chips that I could either pull & insert into the programmer or order a fresh chip...
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    Cheap x9 supermicro

    You obviously have the magic touch with customer support! For folks interested in a project: A quick look at at online pictures of this model shows that at least some boards had a socketed BIOS. I've never had an issue with reviving a socketed BIOS. Surface mount are another story for me...
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    ebay, 20% off first 250 dollars

    Its only for selected items. Sellers have to "sign up" specific items to the sale. There are only 318 items total from the entire "Computers/Tablets & Networking" category.
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    New Router Suggestions (Multi-Gig/10 GbE)

    3D printing & laser cutting are great, but I think they're hard to use for mass production while keeping costs low. I've got access to a decent 3D printer and laser cutter where I volunteer, and I use them to produce my own one-off hardware bits, including chassis. But for any decent...
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    New Router Suggestions (Multi-Gig/10 GbE)

    @ReturnedSword , as you know from all the help you've given me lately, I know less than the square root of 0 about firewalls/routers. But I do know a little bit about hardware in general :p ... In case you haven't used any 12th Gen yet, 12th Gen i3 compares pretty well with Gen 10/11 i5s...
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    Minisforum Elitemini B550 - Full B550 AM4 65W Socket, APU + x16 eGPU Docking Station - $319

    That's pretty cool! Sadly, I just got done doing updates for everyone in the house. And I mean literally, like yesterday for the last kid.