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    EU [UK] DDR4, v3 ES Xeon, s2011 stuff, cooling, cases etc.

    All prices are shipped within the UK DDR4 ECC UDIMMs/RDIMMs QRT UDIMM/RDIMM Capacity Speed Part Price 4 UDIMM 16GB PC4-2400T KTD-PE424E/16G £45 ea. 4 RDIMM 16GB PC4-2400T MTA18ASF2G72PZ-2G3B £40 ea 1 RDIMM 16GB PC4-2400T MTA36ASF2G72PZ-2G3B1QG £40 4 RDIMM 4GB...
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    EU WTB [UK] Samsung PM953 or PM963 960GB

    As per title :)
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    EU [UK] anoother's FS thread: FREE 22U rack, servers, cooling, Quadro Plexes...

    I think it's time to declare bankruptcy on some unfinished projects. I have photos of most items, which I'll attempt to upload, so let me know if you're interested so I can prioritise. Unsure on pricing, so open to offers on everything. Rack Collection from St. Albans. Might be able to...
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    EU [UK] Supermicro X11SSV-M4F £215

    Supermicro MBD-X11SSV-M4F Mini-ITX Motherboard Intel Xeon E3-1585 V5 NEW RETAIL | eBay I've wanted one of these boards since they came out, but they never seem to drop much below £1000, so this is an absolute steal IMO.
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    4x 4GB (16GB total) Crucial CT4G4RFS824A PC4-2400 CL17 ECC RDIMM, Single-rank. Looking for £120 shipped anywhere in the EU Nice cheap way to populate 4 channels for someone?
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    R7910 / R730 questions

    Managed to snag a used R7910 barebones for a decent price; have a few questions: - What are the differences between R7910 and R730? As far as I can tell, chassis, motherboard etc. are identical -- just BIOS? Quieter fans? - Does the R7910 support PCIe slot bifurcation? It's mentioned in the...
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    Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2E4P 4 port NVMe w/PLX switch

    Looks like Supermicro has a new NVMe HBA out. Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Products | Accessories | Add-on Cards | AOC-SLG3-4E2P Explicitly states a PLX chip this time (unlike the 4E4T). PCIe X8 into 4x Oculink, so potentially bandwidth-limited. Still, though, might be worth a shot; Seems to...
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    EU WTD (UK): LGA2011-3 Socket protectors (2)

    I'm after a couple of socket covers/protectors for LGA2011-3 (I believe these are bigger than ones for LGA2011) -- have a project which will need some work before I can put CPUs in it, but want to make sure the pins are protected. Willing to pay a nominal fee + postage.
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    EU Seagate 2TB 2.5" Enterprise drives @£7.85 ea.

    NEW Seagate Enterprise Capacity 2.5 HDD ST2000NX0253 Hard Drive 2 TB SATA NL | eBay Too good to be true? Grabbed.. errr... a few.
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    EU [UK] Good 2680V2 deal on eBay

    Intel Xeon E5-2680 V2 - 2.8 GHz Ten Core (BX80635E52680V2) Processor 735858268363 | eBay £10 per CPU less than I paid a couple of weeks back, + best offer :)
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    EU WTB: 8GB or 16GB DDR4-2400 RDIMMs

    Hey, After 64GB total of DDR4 RDIMMs, 8x8GB or 4*16GB...
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    Intel U.2 cables $9.50

    Looks like you can now buy SFF-8643 to SFF-8639 cables direct from Intel: SFF PCle SSD Cable - SSD Spare Parts These are likely genuine Amphenol items. Having previously previously paid upwards of £30 per cable, I'd say this was a good deal. Shame it's not available in the UK.
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    Help me build a system -- mATX Ryzen or X99

    Hi all, Looking to upgrade my main rig. Picked up a Ryzen 7 1700 and 2x16GB DDR4 UDIMMs during the Black Friday sales, and an ASRock AB350M-Pro4 motherboard. However, I'm now planning to return the Ryzen and Pro4; I'd like to use all the PCIe slots, but if using a U.2 adapter in the M.2 slot...
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    Everything in excellent/as-new condition. 0 - SSD Crucial MX300 1TB M.2 (SATA) -- £200 inc European shipping Boxed, as-new physically. Been used as the main drive in my Mum's laptop for around 1yr. SMART data here: mx300_1tb_m2 · GitHub Photos here...
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    WTB [EU/UK] - 12/16/24+ port 3G SAS HBA

    Hi, Looking for a (preferably) 3G SAS controller (been having trouble with 6G ones on my expanders, so want to rule that out). 24 or 16 (internal) port would be ideal, but let me know what you have; 12 or even multiple 8s would work. Thanks!
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    WTB (UK/worldwide) - Intel ATX IO shield (AXX2IOS)

    Hi, Looking for one of these Intel IO shields for my S2400SC2 motherboard...
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    What's the deal with Avoton?

    I'm interested in getting an Avoton board for general NAS duties. Was just wondering what the status of these boards is, now the CPU defect has been out in the open for a few months. If I buy a new board, can I expect that it'll have been 'fixed' (either by the board-level mod or new stepping)...
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    EU WTB (UK) -- VLP DDR3 RDIMMs, PERC H200 -- open to trade

    Hi, I'm looking for 6x VLP RDIMMs or EUDIMMs, 8 or 16GB. PC3-12800 or quicker, ideally. I can swap or PX for standard-height DIMMs if needed -- have a mixture of 4, 8 and 16GB sticks available in DDR2 and DDR3. Also looking for a Dell PERC H200 adapter with full-height bracket. Thanks!
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    EU WTB [UK] Genuine Amphenol Mini-SAS HD to U.2 Cable

    Hello, Looking for one of these cables, as provided with eg. Intel NVMe SSDs. Full name is SFF-8643 to SFF-8639 cable. Bought one from Amazon, assuming that Amphenol are the only people that make these, and ended up with an inferior cable. So looking for the genuine Amphenol-branded item now.