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    Which container manager do you guys use?

    Hi guys! Which container manager do you guys use? - plain compose? - portainer? - Something else? I need this for my home server, to test some applications and stuff. But wondering what is the 'easiest' solution. Cheers! Martin
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    Number Cruncher - High-core count, 'small case'

    Hi, I just wanted to show you guys my new build, this forum has been a great inspiration for sourcing parts ;). My current rig runs a Broadwell-EP and I wanted to get a little more punch with AVX-512 and the journey started, because I found a 6212U for an incredible price. This workstation is...
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    Dual EPS PSU recommendation

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good PSU with dual EPS connectors? My requirements: - Silent, no coil whine - Dual EPS - around 1000W I was looking for a be quiet straight power 11 1000w but they don't provide dual EPS as far as I can see. Cheers!
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    Xeon Gold 62xxU - Mainboard compatibility

    Hi, Which mainboards are compatible with the 62xxU? I checked out the Asus Sage C621-64L but couldn't find it on the compatibility list. Is that true, or ist that just something that Asus did not update on their website? Which mainboards would be suited for a 1P 2nd gen Xeon? Thanks! Styp
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    Best workstation options on a 'budget'

    Hi, I played with the idea last year to build a dedicated single or twin GPU rig for my ML experiments. I didn't build that one in the end because the GPU upgrade helped my trusty old machine a lot. But now its finally time to retire this thing, and without overbuilding it, I need a new 'daily...
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    2.5 NAS drive recommendation (SATA)

    Hey, Can anyone recommend a decent SATA drive with 2.5 inch for endurance applications? WD red would be a no-brainer if only they had a 2 TB or 3 TB option! Cheers! Martin
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    Xeon E-2xxx vs Xeon D-2xxx for ML mule

    Hey, I am in for upgrading some hardware and I came to the conclusion that I need an ML training mule separated from my current workstation. Can anyone explain the advantages and disadvantages of going with eighter platform for this use-case? I am considering to run 2 1080ti as for know they...