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    FS E5-2670, RAM, Infiniband stuff

    I'm moving to China for a few months and won't be around to play with lab equipment. Decided I should clean out some equipment as I won't have a chance to fool around with it while away. Computer parts: From my S2600CP based machine, motherboard died and I decided I didn't really need that...
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    More custom Mellanox firmware tips

    I saw this article from a couple of years ago and wanted to share my experience building a custom firmware to get a newer revision. The original article dealt with the tools for Windows, but I operate mostly in Linux so I'll describe those tools. First, you need to acquire all of the tools...
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    Intel Xeon Phi 5110P

    Saw these and they are the cheapest I've seen in a while. Might be helpful for someone wanting to build an HPC cluster Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor 5110P - 1.053GHz 30MB Level-3 cache With bracket
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    NVMe on Intel S2600CP

    I have been trying to get this to work without success, I'm guessing it is probably some BIOS setting I am missing. First, I am not trying to make the NVMe device boot the system. I'd just like to be able to use the drive as a storage device. The setup S2600CP2J board with 2xE5-2670v1, 128gb...
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    A deal on a dual 2011 motherboard

    Ok so this deal is a bit complicated. Sometimes I am forced to buy stuff off of Taobao, which is a Chinese e-commerce site like eBay, because it is the only way to get a weird part I need. Anyway a friend is bringing me back some parts and was saying he had a bit more space in his bags if...
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    Quanta LB8 $295 another screaming hot deal on a 10GBe switch

    This switch is part of Quanta's standard switch line up. 48x 10GBe SFP+ switch. I don't need another 10GBe switch at the moment, so figured I'd share it in hopes that someone here could use it. Quanta Computer Inc. Network Switch - Model LB8
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    4TB Hitachi 5k4000 drives $115 Woot

    Hitachi GST Deskstar 4TB Internal SATA HD - Sellout.Woot Not the fastest drive, but pretty cheap price. Thought I'd share.
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    Old school Quanta Mesh LB9A aka Pronto 3290 aka Pica8 3290

    So I won the lottery of sorts and found an old Quanta LB9A for sale on eBay. Quanta T1048-LB9A is a 48 port gigabit switch. It also has an expansion slot for 10GBE ports(mine had 4x SFP+ installed in it). Anyway I took a few pictures of the guts to put in here. Photos by Jonathan Hart -...
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    Hitachi DF-F800-RKAK AMS-2000 enclosures

    Just wanted to share my experience with these JBODs. They seem to be popping up on eBay for time to time and the prices tend to be pretty low, I'm guessing mostly because there isn't any info out there about them. I know that I was worried these would have some firmware shenanigans which would...