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    Supermicro X10SRM-tf $125 offer accepted Not too bad if you're still on older platform. Onboard dual 10gb nic. mATX ff limits use of PCIE lanes though. E5 v4 cpu included, riser, 16gb sata dom & passive hs. one left
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    SOLD [US] Intel Xeon Gold 6230N

    qty (0) Intel Xeon Gold 6230N sold qty(0) Intel Xeon Gold 6148 sold working server pulls CONUS only USPS priority shipping included Paypal offers considered for qty I've sold a few things here, as well as ebay
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    [US] WTB single-processor Xeon E5 v3/4 motherboard

    Need to replace Supermicro X10SRA that failed. Doesn't have to be same mfg/model, just something reliable for workstation duty. Max form factor ATX. If you have anything not in use, PM with shipping cost to 29349. Thanks!
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    SOLD [US] Xeon Gold 6148 SR3B6

    Xeon Gold 6148 SR3B6 qty (2) working system pulls SOLD CONUS only, USPS priority insured included I've sold a bit on forums here, and ebay as well.
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    [US] Funtin PCIe NVMe SSD Adapter $19.99 (new)

    If you need to deploy U.2 drives, these are 1/2 usual price. 3 left at time of post. Confirmed they are N.I.B.
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    [US] WTB Nvidia Quadro P2000

    Let me know if you have one to sell, and asking price shipped to 29349.
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    ESXI 6.5u3 - GPU passthrough to single VM

    Hi all, I'm planning to virtualize personal workstation to minimize electrical cost and space; would appreciate experiences/opinions regarding GPU choice. Primary goal is to have stable GPU passthrough to single VM with minimum of tweaking. Rack is close enough to attach monitors, kb/mouse...
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    SOLD [US] Nvidia Quadro P2000

    Nvidia P2000 Quadro sold WD Easystore 10TB SOLD Samsung Internal SSD MZ-VLV256D 256GB PM951 NVMe SOLD (from recent "Great Deals" thread, bought too many, tests OK) qty (X) X9SCM-IIF + I/O plate SOLD qty (X) Super Talent W1333EB8GM (Micron) 8GB DDR3 1300MHz 1.5v DRx8 240-pin UDIMM SOLD qty (X)...
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    Vendor recommendation requested - bulk laptop purchase for education

    If anyone has hands-on experience with vendor for small bulk laptop purchase (<20 units) in Columbus, OH area, would appreciate a recommendation. Feel feel to PM vs thread reply, as discretion dictates. Regards.
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    [US] SOLD: Intel E5-2697V3, Samsung DDR4 ECC

    qty(--) Intel E5-2697v3 SR1XF CPU SOLD E5-2697V3 Feb 2019 qty (--) Samsung 32GB 2400MHz M393A4K40BB1-CRC 2RX4 PC4-2400T-RA1-11-DC0 SOLD qty (--) Samsung 16GB 2400MHz M393A2G40DB1-CRC 2RX4 PC4-2400T-RA1-11-DC0 SOLD Paypal, USPS shipping included to CONUS only, no international. Working...
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    SOLD [US] Intel E5-2697v3 SR1XF CPU

    CPU's are working server pulls, tested, bagged and ready to ship. qty (8) Intel E5-2697v3 SR1XF STH E5-2697v3 Jul18 SOLD paypal, USPS priority mail insured shipping included, CONUS only I have sold a bit here on the forums, and on ebay since 2001 eBay Feedback Profile for cobengo PM for...
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    Rack for home lab - a few questions (proper depth, rails, etc.)

    Hi All, Today's ebay coupon prompted me to get off the fence and replace my D.I.Y. lackrack with something sturdier. I don't have racking available for comparison and measuring, so am hoping some of you with more experience can keep me from mistakes. Also interested in any suggestions for...
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    FS [US] {SOLD} Sun/Oracle F80 800GB flash accelerator

    [edit:added photo, updated drive health] Includes FH and LP brackets. Light use in backup VM host, moved to larger capacity and don't need anymore. PCIE 2.0x8 drive presents as LSI HBA with qty(4) 200GB SSD's All 4 SSD modules show 100% health, F/W updated to latest version. Only...
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    [US] SOLD: E5-2695v4, SAS cables

    Intel CPU: CPUs are production, NOT es or qs qty(2) E5-2695v4 SOLD Intel cpu Intel SSD: qty(12 11)Intel 520 series 240gb 100% health SOLD SAS expander: qty 1 res2cv360 SOLD SAS cables: sff8087 to sff8087 $5 each qty 6 2 intel 60cm qty 5 molex 50cm $3 each qty 4 intel 18cm qty 2 intel...
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    [US]SOLD: 5x infiniband hca 5x qsfp copper cable

    I have the following used hca and cables for sale: qty(3) mellanox copper qsfp 5m cable 40Gb/s mcc4q26c-005 qty(2) mellanox copper qsfp 4m cable 40Gb/s mcc4q28c-004 qty(3) mellanox connextx-2 VPI dual-port mhrh2a-xsr 20Gb/s qty(2) mellanox connectx-2 VPI dual-port hca-30024 40Gb/s F/H...
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    Help needed identifying mystery cable

    After a teardown and rebuild of SM SC846 expander chassis into a DAS for backups, I realized I had an extra cable, pictured below. It is 65cm, labeled with 49113-oo REV A, LEOCO 2010/50. The chassis was originally stocked with SM X8DAH+-F, but I don't see any matching connectors on motherboard...
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    LSI 9265-8i troubleshooting system error led's

    I have a 4yr old 9265-8i raid controller that is no longer recognized. The controller is not found in megacli, and both "system error led" lights are lit up red. No physical damage visible, tried cleaning slot contacts, re-seating, no luck. Review of LSI docs references jumpers J1A3 (LSI...
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    [US] DISPOSED: 16XFractal Design R4/R5 drive trays - you pay shipping

    PM if you can use these. Trays only, no mounting screws. from 29349, 8"x7"x6", 3.25lbs Email me a USPS label and they are yours
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    [US] DONATED: Norco 4u fan wall/drive shelf - you pay shipping

    PM me if you can use this... Shipping from 29349, 18"x10"x4" 1.25lbs
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    [US] SOLD:E5-2697v3, 8x16GB Micron DDR4-2133 RAM

    Due to international shipping mishaps, I have a cpu and ram that need a new home... E5-2697v3 cpu is production SR1XF, NOT es or qs. 8x16GB Micron RAM part # 36ASF2G72PZ-2G1A2 Payment via paypal. Shipping $7 per package USPS priority CONUS, no international please I have bought/sold with...