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    Cheap optical QSFP 56 Infiniband cables Guide

    Frist post here so I thought I would start by helping others. Ok, so you know the cheap optical QSFP transceivers on eBay, Well it turns out you can use them. First you need a MPO cable to use, and as a warning, they are not the cheapest things so be very careful when following this guide...
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    Need help outfiting a Dell M910

    I recently purchased a Dell M910 barebones blade server and was wondering what the most cost effective method of outfitting it for video compression using handbrake and running low memory and cpu usage vm's on Hyper-v. The operating system I will be using is Windows Server 2012R2 Datacenter...
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    Need Help finding a 4p Xeon E5 v1/v2 motherboard

    I need help finding a motherboard that can handle 4 2011 Xeons. The CPUs I have are ES E7 4640s. I would prefer the price be below $700 Second hand would also be fine.