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    WTB: PWS-441-1H or PWS-505P-1H

    Looking for 3 power supplies that fit in a SuperMicro SC523L, either the PWS-441P-1H or PWS-505P-1H. I previously ruled out the PWS-351-1h and PWS-520-1h for being too noisy, but I've had good experience with the PWS-441-1H. Stock part list calls for a PWS-505P-1H, but haven't been able to find...
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    SC523L-520B Chassis (X8DTL-if + 2X E5620, 12GB ram) on ebay (short-depth)

    This one might be a deal if you need short-depth chassis, as that market is fairly small. I don't know how low you'll be able to negotiate for a single unit, but I've been able to get $150/ea for an order of two and $125/ea for four. Although this is still a fairly large price (a new...
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    Custom mylar air shroud?

    I have a SC523L that could benefit from better airflow management. While there are parts like the MCP-310-28012-0N, that is designed for a dual cpu system, whereas mine is single (and I also want to direct some cooling to NVMe SSDs and a few IO expansion cards). I was thinking about creating my...
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    SC523L-520b PWS-521-1H alternatives

    I recently picked up some SC523L-520b chassis in hopes of replacing some substandard PlinkUSA chassis. Unfortunately the power supply that comes with these (the PWS-521-1H) is very loud, even when the system isn't running. I figured I could replace it with the 500W PSU (the PWS-505P-1H) that...
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    Sandisk - Skyhawk "NVMe" PCIe SSD 1.92TB $179+SHIP

    After running into 3.3v requirement limitations over in the Intel DC P3520 thread, I decided to go look for alternatives and stumbled across this listing. I don't pay much attention to SanDisk, and it's IO performance is nothing to write home about.. but it could be a good deal: Sandisk -...
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    SuperChassis 514 WIO Upgrade Path

    I recently bought a SYS-1019S-WR as I got a reasonable good deal ($300 delivered w/ RAM and CPU), and because it was short-depth, meaning that it will fit in my audio rack. My intent was to use it with the current motherboard and CPU for a few years and then consider upgrading it later...
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    SuperMicro NGFF/m.2 standoffs

    I have a couple systems that are missing m.2 standoffs, and removing the motherboard to move the standoffs has gotten a bit old. Anyone know where I could get more of these standoffs that supermicro includes in some of their boards?
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    SuperChassis 514 with Short-Depth Threaded Hole Rails?

    I recently picked up a SYS-1019S-WR based on the SuperChassis 514-R407W and would like to get it mounted in my older Middle Atlantic short-depth audio rack which is only about 19" deep. Unfortunately the rail options SuperMicro offers (MCP-290-00056-0N) is for 19"-26.4" racks (which should...
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    Lot of 5X Gigabyte M.2 to U.2-Mini-SAS Add-In - 9.95

    This seems like a pretty good deal if you have spare m.2 expansion slots on your motherboard and want to use u.2 drives with a cable Lot of Qty:5 Gigabyte M.2 to U.2-Mini-SAS Add-In - NEW | eBay
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    PlinkUSA IPC-G252S?

    I recently purchased a 2U plinkusa chassis (IPC-G252S) after having decent results with one of their 3U chassis (IPC-3013S) in the past. I was drawn in by chassis being short-depth (I use a 4 post AV rack), support for FlexATX power supplies (instead of the SFX-L I have in my 3U) and plenty of...