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    AU LSI / Avago SAS Raid 9302-16e 12Gb/s PCIe 3.0 Controller

    $300 ea or 4x for $1k Free Shipping in Australia I bought extra's to offset the $200 shipping fee from USA :@ going to use these to replace my old 9202-16e I/O should be double/Tripple hopefully, these are still a bargain for someone in AU they seem to go for $1k here LSI / Avago SAS Raid...
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    any performance difference between 16 / 24 port expanders ?

    I am planning on getting another 24 bay rack and also thinking about using an expander in the main case for its 16 bays so I can try and run everything from 1 pci-e slot via an LSI-SAS9201 Ideally I wanted 8e8i but not finding any such beast going cheap LSI SAS9201-16e 16 Port 6Gb/s SAS SATA...
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    NetApp Quad Port QSFP HBA X2065A-R6 111-00341 PCIe Card

    NetApp Quad Port QSFP HBA X2065A-R6 111-00341 PCIe Card | eBay Does anyone know about this? Ideally, I am looking for 4 internal ports with 1-2 external ports for running 16Bay rack that has the PC and running an expander in a 24Bay rack shell not needing raid functions just something for...