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    Sandisk SX300 vs SX350

    While checking out datasheets for Sandisk ioMemory SX300 and SX350 drives I cannot see a clear difference between those two. Is there any real difference ? Why two different models when most of the parameters are nearly identical ? I am missing something for sure. @acquacow I am sure you have...
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    Dual 10GBase-T port PCIe v3 network adapter

    I have a need to upgrade to 10GE some servers based on Supermicro X10 motherboards which currently have built-in 1GE ports. What would you recommend as reasonably priced pcie v3 network adapter which would support two 10GBase-T ports ? Been looking for two days on ebay for network adapters...
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    Huawei HSSD 4TB Nvme - what is it ?

    Anybody has any information about these drives ? or can make a reasonable guess what they are and if it's possible to connect them to standard servers ?
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    X11SDV-8C-TP8F - nano sim card

    X11SDV-8C-TP8F has just arrived and we have noticed that it has a nano sim card slot. Anybody has any experience how to use this functionality and how to access the sim card ? Online manual supplied by Supermicro is very enigmatic it only states: "Nano SIM Slot for M.2 B-Key WAN card...
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    X11SPH-nCTF, Hyper-V vmSwitch and duplicated packets

    We have Hyper-V Server on which we created VMSwitch (with Switch Embedded Teaming) on two built in Intel x722 adapters. On VMSwitch we have NetAdapter for Management OS with ip assigned (created along with vmswitch). After creation everything works fine until reboot, after which we are...
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    New processors on horizon ?

    Due to the recently announced flaws in major CPUs I had to cancel an order for few dozen of new servers with recent Intel CPUs. However I'm in need for new processing power in short period of time. Any ideas or speculations what new processors are on the horizon or how cpu vendors will act in...
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    Single PSU, multiple motherboards

    Does anybody have any ideas or knows any solutions how to power multiple motherboards from single PSU ? Instead of having one psu per motherboard, I am thinking about having one powerful power supply unit providing power to multiple motherboards. Any ideas ?
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    What is it ? Intel P3608

    I have managed to get a deal on Intel P308 1.6TB from Thailand, it arrived and the label states that it's an engineering sample. Standard Intel P3008 1.6TB exposes two 800GB drives to the system, however this one exposes two 1.2TB drives. Label states that his is a model SSDPECME016T4...
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    Disk shelf supporting SAS3 ?

    What are currently best economical options for disk shelves supporting SAS3 and 12 or more drives ?
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    Samsung NVMe drivers for MS Windows Server 2016 ?

    Does anybody know how to get or how to install Samsung NVMe drivers for MS Windows Server 2016 ? Samsung support webpage offers NVMe drivers version 2.1 for Windows 10, while installing on MS Windows Server 2016 it complains that's not supported OS. Tried to extract files from the .exe however...
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    Mellanox ConnectX-2 how to disable port autosense ?

    Does anybody know how to disable port autosense on Mellanox ConnectX-2 cards ? Card port can be in one of three modes: auto sensing, infiniband, ethernet. I would like to set it to infiniband only (by default it's in autosense mode). Tried driver tools under MS Windows however there is no...
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    How to check HBA queue depth on Windows from Powershell ?

    I have several LSI HBA based on difference chipsets. I would like to find out what queue depth is set on each of these from MS Windows 2016 / 2012R2 preferably using Powershell. Any ideas ? Been googling for most of the day today and most of the solutions reference vmware and not MS Windows...
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    Perc H700 (LSI SAS 2108) possible to support Raid-1 and passthrough ?

    Hi, I have Perc H700 which supposedly is based on LSI SAS 2108 chipset. I would like to cross flash it to be able to create a RAID-1 on two attached disks and rest of attached disks just to passthrough as in a dumb controller straight to OS. This would allow me to install OS on the RAID-1...
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    LSI 9302-8i / Lenovo N2215 - HBA Controller SAS3 12Gb/s

    Seller just accepted 60 usd per item for order of 5 items, these are based on LSI SAS 3008 chipset. Two SAS3 ports, four 12Gb/s lanes per SAS3 port. IBM Lenovo N2215 / LSI SAS9302-8i PCI-E 12Gb/s SAS Controller 47C8676 47C8675
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    Mellanox Infiniband backward compatible ?

    Hi, I have numerous old servers using Mellanox ConnectX-2 (MHQH19B-XTR) cards and would like to purchase a used Mellanox SX6015 switch which has only 18 ports but that is fine for my test lab. However I wonder if the SX6015 switch which is FDR 56Gb/s will be compatible with my older...