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    EU Sophos SG230 + 3 AP // Lancom GS-2326P 24P+2S 1G fullPoE

    Home Firewall Kit: Sophos SG230 2*AP15C 2,4+5GHZ 1*AP10 2,4GHZ All running for now on UTM9 Home edition with the 'get the LCD working with home edition fix' Minor scratches (not on the front, only Top/Bottom) Non-Genuine Rack ears. 250€ Lancom GS-2326P 24P+2SFP Managed Switch All of...
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    EU FS: QNAP TS-1635AX, 18-BAY, 4core,16GB with 1.5y warranty left

    Hey, I've got a TS-1635AX for sale, in perfect shape (no scratches...), with all accessories (screws, M2-SSD Heatspreaders, cables....) It is still in Manufacturer's warranty. Device ran about 3 Months. Selling because it's an absolutely overkill Device for my needs. 12*3,5" 4*2,5" 2*M2 SSD...