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    Reduce Power Consumption

    Hi, I have a whitebox server with following hardware: MoBo: Atermiter X79 Turbo CPU: Xeon E5-2670 V2 4* 16GB DDR3-Reg ECC HP H240 Dell H310 @ IT 8* SSD 10* 2.5" HDD two Backplanes in this configuration the power consumption is ~90 W @ idle. This is a bit too much. Without the H310 and 6 2.5"...
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    Epyc Homeserver

    Hi, I want to upgrade my R710 with two L5640s and 144 GB of RAM. I'm running some webservices, but I want to run some Windows VMs for gaming and video editing as well. I want to use a Quadro P620 and (for now) a GTX 1650. The Quadro is for Cuda encoding in LXC (pytorch, jellyfin), while the GTX...
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    Upgrade from a R710

    Hi, My main server is right now a Dell R710 with following hardware: - 2* L5640 12 Cores/24 Threads - 18*8 GB DDR3 ECC - 250 GB SSD for Proxmox - 2*500 GB SSD (ZFS mirror) - 4*3TB 2.5" CMR HDD Western Digital (sadly not produced anymore; ZFS Striped mirror) - Quadro P620 - 10G (mellanox...