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  1. J

    Best PCIE nvme x8 800-1200GB

    Picked up a used P3600 800GB for £240 last year on ebay. Worth keeping a lookout.
  2. J

    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    Been using my S2500-24P for about a year no problems at all. Great switch, doesn't seem fussy with transceivers and easy to comprehend CLI
  3. J

    [Update: Hired!] Startups and I don’t fit: got let go yesterday

    Going to an SQL Server mini conference tomorrow, I'll keep an ear to the ground for anything interesting (assuming UK is OK?)
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    Video editing in the cloud?

    I've not yet found a good solution for this, even locally (over GbE) I find that RDP with RemoteFX has audio lag issues in Premiere Pro.
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    Ah crap, missed em!
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    Looking for 16 port HBAs - what are my options?

    16e + loop the cables back in via a spare PCIe slot in the chassis (which you'll have by the sounds of things as you're using a small board). potentially ugly but will save you a fortune over a 16i. If you want to make it prettier then you can get adapters which take up a single slot: e.g...
  7. J

    EU FS: SC825, X8DTU-F, E3C226D2I, X5650, i3-4160T, 12x4GB RAM, Supermicro spares

    Updated with more sold items. Looking to shift that Dell server ASAP!
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    The url and not me I hope!
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    Anyone else getting phish PMs pointing to servethehome.FISHING SCAM DO NOT CLICK?
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    EU Supermicro sc825 single Psu 8x3,5 at 100€

    I have a PDB for sale for a lot less than that - see my FS post
  11. J

    EU FS: SC825, X8DTU-F, E3C226D2I, X5650, i3-4160T, 12x4GB RAM, Supermicro spares

    All used but in good working condition. Free postage on everything but the Dell server and SC825 which is free local pickup/dropoff (Bristol) or £10 shipping. Open to sensible offers especially on multiples: Home lab clearout - pictures Generic Gigabit SX SFP transceiver tested working in a...
  12. J

    Supermicro x9dbu-iF b7 memory error

    No joy, alas. It's also not recognising CPU2. Time for a refund I think!
  13. J

    Supermicro x9dbu-iF b7 memory error

    Awesome, thanks Terry. I'll give that a try tonight.
  14. J

    Supermicro x9dbu-iF b7 memory error

    Hi Guys, just thought I'd try a "hail Mary" over here with a board I've recently acquired. My previous AIO was running a X8DTU-F with a pair of X5650s when I saw a stonking deal on a X9DBU-iF which seemed like sound upgrade to make. I've fitted it with a pair of e5-2430s and moved the 12x 8GB...
  15. J

    proxmox questions

    That is giving them direct access to the disks, just not the controller. Doesn't seem to make any difference.
  16. J

    proxmox questions

    Yes, best way I've found is to pass the disks through by id (/dev/disk/by-id/...) using virtio.
  17. J

    Proxmox 5.1 Boot drive size

    Dual Sandisk Ultra Fit 32GB for me in ZFS mirror so if one does shit the bed I've got half a chance to swap it out.
  18. J

    Cheap DIY JBOD short depth enclosures in Europe?

    How many drives, LFF or SFF? I've got a Supermicro SC825 I'm putting up for sale in the next week or so but it'll be too deep for you. Lenovo SA120 might fit the bill if you can find a suitably-priced one. What do you call cheap?
  19. J

    10GBe Ethernet Card Options

    Always worth looking for the Lenovo/IBM/HP/Dell versions/rebrands of the cards (e.g. HP 530T or 561T (X540 IIRC)). There's a couple of QLogic base-T cards out there that would be well worth a look. If you find something that looks like it has potential, then check it on VMware Compatibility...
  20. J

    EU Fixer-upper Arista DCS-7124S £200 obo

    Yes indeed - hence my question about unfscking it!