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    Seeking 12GB SAD Card for RAID10

    Looking for a good SAS card to use raid10, disks I want to use are WD Gold 12TB Enterprise Class WD121KRYZ. I want to possible have a good SAS card with RAID10 support. q1. Do you really raid battery backup these days with RAID10? q2. Does Raid Cache really make a huge difference. My server...
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    Will E5 2x series work in workstation thats got E5 1x series single socket cpu

    Will E5 2x series work in workstation thats got E5 1x series single socket cpu
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    Kemp load balancer question

    Good day, Does anyone know if buying a second hand Kemp from eBay. I want to find out if it will work without a active contract on it. I don't care about support. I just to know if the actual software will work without needed an active sub. Right now I need a loadbalancer for exchange. The...
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    Epyc barebones (4 nodes in 2u,4u) where to begin

    I am looking at building my own epyc Vsa cluster using 4 nodes. I finally found CPUs for sale. But cannot find barebones anywhere or boards. Supermicro is got their 4 nodes, 2u boxes. But they claim due to the complexity of the system you need to buy from a system integrator. Sent from my...
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    40GBE/100GBE Upgrade on the cheap

    Good Morning, Thanks for Serverthehome I was able to get 10GBE for cheap. Now I am ready to go for 40/100GBE. Can you guys make some recommendation for switches/cards on a budget. Thank you
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    Poe powered switch

    I need to run two Poe cameras. The issue is I only got one network cable going to this location. I was hoping to find a switch that can also be powered by Poe and split into the two Poe cameras this way. Sent from my LG-H831 using Tapatalk
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    Any m.2 add-on cards that work with VMware

    Is there any good m.2 cards that work with esxi? Sent from my LG-H831 using Tapatalk
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    Vsan build single fattwin (4node) vs 4 1us

    Good day I want to build a vsan setup. I am thinking whether to get sibgel supermicro fattwin 4 nodes or 4 1u nodes. They 1u gives me more drive options with more space for nvme for caching. Thank you Sent from my LG-H831 using Tapatalk
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    Best way to increase storage in raid 6

    Good day, Currently I have a raid 6 with 6*4tb harrd drives. I am running low on storage. I got 6*8tb hard drives coming. What's the best way for me to approach this. 1.pull one drive and rebuild, till I replace all six. Then increase space. Is there better ways. Thank you Sent from my...
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    Network switch recommendation for business poe must

    I currently got the Dell 6248 stacked in three pack. They do not have poe so I need to upgrade. Can anyone recommend me some good switches that I can get I need min 96 ports, would be nice to stack them and also 1-2 10GBE uplinks. I was looking at Cisco 3850 but a bit out of my price range right...
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    Quanta LB6M 10GBE Switch and VSAN Setup

    Good Day, I need some help with this setup and VSAN. I am testing 4 node VSAN Cluster. I have one dedicated switch LB6M and each server its own 10GBE PORT for VSAN. For some reason every 2-3 minutes one of the nodes becomes part for network partition 2 and a new group 2 is created. Under...
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    VSAN Wont see allow SSDs

    Good Day, I am testing VSAN on a 4 Node SUperMicro all are certified. Purchased the correct controllers also. The controllers I tested with are SAS9207-8i. All drives are seen by the controller and also seen on the actual host. But when I try to setup VSAN it only see 4/6 on one host and 3/6 on...
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    Serious problem esxi

    Good day I got an server super micro fattwin with only one pciexpess port currently used for my 10gbe card. I wanted to use the onboard Intel raid controller. But the esxi bypasses the raid and see every drive as an single drive. This is due to software raid use. Can anyone help me or tell me if...
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    Anyone familiar with Kemp load balancer

    I am looking at buying one on eBay. Does anyone know if they licenced experiences? Can I use the old version of the software forever without updates? Thank you Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    MLP PCI-E Question

    Good Day, I got a superMicro server and its only got two pci-e slots. of One them is regular PCI-E and the other one says MLP PCI-E. Anyone know what this port does? Thank you
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    Wrong caddies for Supermicro servers

    Good day I got the wrong caddies for fat twin server. It came with 3.5in caddies. How can I install 2.5 ssds in there without buying new caddies. I tried a simple 2.5 to 3.5 metal peace but won't work. The SATA connector is off set. Thank you Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    SATA doms

    Good day I just build my first fat twin Supermicro server and got 1 sata Dom per node. Are these realibible. Do I need to get two in raid1. My plan is to install hyperv on them. Thank you Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Raid card for 8x Samsung ssds 850 pro

    Good day, I am putting together my new hyperv server and looking for a raid card for my 8x Samsung ssds in raid. I would like a nice performing card. I will most likely do raid 10. Cheers Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Why sas enclosure eg Dell 1420 so expensive

    Good day, We were looking for a new n Box and I wonder why the dell, Lenovo, HP so damn expensive? It's a metal box with a power supply. What gives? Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    SAN Experience

    Good Day, Any experienced users here with Dell EqualLogic PS4600. I need to buy 2x for a project at work and not sure if these are the best choice. They will come with 15x450gb sas 15k drives. Cheers, -AAM