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    FS: Pair of E5-2407 v2 -- $190 shipped per CPU

    I have a pair of E5-2407 v2 -- looking for about $190 shipped per CPU. I'd really prefer to sell them as a pair. I can provide heatware, ebay name, etc. I also previously once met up with a member locally in the southern california area.
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    Quanta LB8

    I just purchased a Quanta LB8 from an Ebay seller. I was able to bargain it down to $900 including 24 transceivers. Not too bad I guess... Does anyone have any info on this unit? Anyone seen one in the wild yet?
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    NBase-T product watch

    Does anyone have any info on upcoming NBase-T products? I am excited to see some 2.5Gb and 5Gb networking options. For those who have not yet seen info on this: Home - NBASE-T Looks like some silicon will be shipping soon: Marvell - Embedded Processors - ARMADA 3700
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    Mini Review: Cheap 10 Gb Switch -- Netgear S3300-28X

    This a mini review of a new(ish) Netgear product called the S3300-28X. This is a 24 port switch with 2 copper 10GB BaseT ports and 2 SFP+ 10GB ports. The cost is about $500-550 shipped. I needed a new switch for my homelab, and after looking at the new D-Link switch with several 10GB ports, I...