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    Truenas Home Share with AD users

    The way I did it on my setup is to create the SMB share as shown in my previous post, then connect to it using the domain admin account which have full file system access via "run" and type " \\truenas\smbshare ". After connecting you can build the folder structure using windows file explorer...
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    Truenas Home Share with AD users

    that is neat, I didn't know you can actually connect to the truenas box via "computer management"
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    Truenas Home Share with AD users

    @kaastrup Here's how I setup my truenas for AD users share folders; 1. Add the truenas server as AD member servers. 2. On your SMB share ACL, assign full permission for everyone 3. On your SMB file system ACL add a new ACL to give your domain administrator full access. once the above steps are...
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    ZFS Best Practices Questions

    Interesting I never knew sata based array with expander can have issues with "single bad disks that may block the whole system". Luckily so far I have not experienced this, knock on wood hopefully its not going to happen anytime soon. Anyway thanks for the advice.
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    ZFS Best Practices Questions

    So, I recently build a new zfs servers with 12x 12 sata drives in 2 x RAIDZ2 vdevs. The purpose of the server is for a dedicated cifs/smb filers and NFS mounts for both windows/linux machines. Currently the servers have a RMS-200 NVRAM Drive as zil and SYNC=ENABLED, but I am curious whether this...
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    Cisco ASR920

    Most of cisco switches will come with the rails necessary, 9396 have a 4post rack rails so hopefully they are in the box :)
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    Maxview Storage Manager

    how about using the cli arrconf ?? it can essentially gives you all the info maxview can provides in CLI. here's a good link for reference
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    Cisco ASR920

    Based on your requirements I think all the new Nexus 3K line of products will handle 40Gb of routed traffic without breaking a sweat. the 3600 line even have 8gb of buffer to absorb those bursty traffic. However buffering on line rate switches really only happened when you have ports with...
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    What router for 300 Gbps of traffic with support for multiple BGP full route tables?

    I'd recommend the Cisco ASR9902 lines. It can handle up to 800Gb of throughput, dual sup, and variety of ports type and speed.
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    Samsung SSD PM1643 3.8TB SAS 12Gb/s MZ-ILT3T8A 2.5" @ $289.98

    If you have the right dual port sas cable even with 6Gbps controller you should see major improvement. You can validate if you have the right cable by looking at the disk management; without MPIO each drive should get listed twice. Oh and btw MPIO really only supported on windows servers...
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    HPE Samsung PM1725B NVME U.2 3.2TB Connection Issue

    If your motherboard have M.2 slot the adapter would works but you need to make sure it is NVME ports not sata. If unsure its best to buy an adapter that plugs in directly to the pci slots like this one As for the cables that you have I think you are good to go.
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    Chelsio nic goes down after ~5 minutes

    not sure if the issue is similar but I had a intel X540 that had very similar issues. In windows event viewer I notice an error that say the nic was shutdown due to overheating. Rebooting the server would get the nic back up but it would shutdown again momentarily. I resolve the issue by putting...
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    Used Enterprise SSD Price skyrocket

    Does anyone notice the price of used enterprise SSD is about double to what it was in 2019 ?? I need to get 8 more 800Gb ssd to expand my array and was surprised at the current market prices. Is this caused by the same issue as the other computer part shortage ??
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    Poor performance 10GBE network.. why??

    both servers and client only have 10Gb active nics, If you see the transfer speed to the server actually hits 1.11GB/s, that is about 10Gbps. If I pay attention during the transfer, I can see that thansfer speed would drop to less than 100Mbps in the valley, before it would pick back up to...
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    Poor performance 10GBE network.. why??

    what protocols are you using to move files between your windows machine and the nas ?? is it CIFS/SMB ? Here's the transfer result of me pulling files from the server win2016 (ssd on my desktop, and raid6 of 16x 4TB drives with adaptec adapter) I am also experiencing some weird issue when going...
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    Poor performance 10GBE network.. why??

    Not sure what the issue is, but I have no issues with getting good iperf3 performance on windows... above result is from win2k16 server running iperf -s and a win10 client. For me to get similar result I have to enable -P and run the test with 4 thread. Server hardware is similar to OP with...
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    Asus WS X570 Ace on sale again at amazon, $200!!!

    I bought this Mobo when it was on sale for $280, the intent was to pair it up with 5950x. I didn't realize the motherboard does not have any bios flashback feature (flash bios without CPU) and to get it to work with 5950x you absolutely have to upgrade the bios. I ended up borrowing my brother...
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    WS X570-Ace $280 New @ newegg

    I bought one, too bad no zen3 cpu that I can find :(
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    Zen3 reviews are out - hail the new King!

    Too bad there's not much stock out there right now, I tried waking up early to hit the 9AM ET release and did not managed to get one before it goes out of stock everywhere :(