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    ipmi reset to default

    i bought an used X10SRH-CLN4F plug in e5-1630v4 and ram. and board seem to power on. LE2 led lit up. LEDM1 starts with solid green and within a minute become slowly blinking - that means the BMC is working. but i don't hear any POST beeps. when i unplug the memory and try again - 5 short and 1...
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    p3700 400gb 2.5" $350

    INTEL SSD DC P3700 SERIES PCI EXPRESS-NVM EXPRESS SSDPE2MD400G4P 2.5 NEW-SEALED | eBay i just wanted to make an offer to the seller for a pair. but then noticed that his last feedbacks was more than a year ago. probably a hacked account? i'm in doubts...
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    Memory usage madness (oom-killer starts at 50% of ram)

    i have latest debian x64 on 32gb server with swap turned off. i want to use ram as much as possible and the rest - leave for system cache. everytihng was fine until i noticed that oom-killer hit my mysql daemon from time to time. it looks like this: mysql growing and growing until all used...
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    Real Hot CPU in a small 1U?

    anyone has an experience in using cpu's with 130-140W TPD in very small 1U cases like supermicro SC512F-350B it has only two dual 40mm fans. and the case of course is limited to low cpu heatsinks. is that enough for such hot cpu?
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    X9SRL-F heatsink for 1U

    i got a x9srl-f and then suddently noticed that they don't offer any 1u heatsinks :( googled this pdf P0047P i googled...
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    fujitsu p3700

    i can't find how to update firmware on my fujitsu p3700 800gb intel's "isdct" tool refused to do that. actually the problem is that when i run "hdparm -Tt /dev/nvme0n1" i got only around 1500-1900mb/s read speed. that's pretty low, especially compared to my other genuine intel p3700 400gb...
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    Micron P320h speed

    i've just turned on my new micron p320h 700gb can someone explain this? what am i missing? i was expecting 3200mb/s. i've also tested the same way my other ssd's p3700 400 and 800gb - both were up to 2800mb/s as it should. is there anything else that needs to be done with p320h to get full...
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    intel 910

    seller counteroffered $400 Intel 910 Series Solid-State Drive 800 GB 1.8-Inch - SSDPEDPX800G301 i was thinking of getting one for myself but then decided to refuse. yes, it's an awesome offer - only $400 for a new 800gb pcie ssd with 14pb endurance, which is way better overall than intel's 750...
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    S3700 at only 3.0 Gb/sec

    can someone help me understad what's going on? so i got supermicro x10sll-f and seem to be original (not ES, HP or DELL) intel s3700 400gb i installed freshest debian 8.2 and here's the problem: hdparm -Tt /dev/sda /dev/sda: Timing cached reads: 29922 MB in 2.00 seconds = 14976.04 MB/sec...
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    best place to buy E5-1630v3

    so i'm ready to hit "buy" here: CM8064401614501 Intel Xeon E5-1630 v3 Quad-Core Haswell Processor 3.7GHz 0GT/s 10MB LGA 2011-v3 CPU, OEM - Intel Xeon - just want to make sure i didn't missed any better place with cheaper price. used is fine too, but i was looking at ebay every day...
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    WTB Xeon E5-1630v3 and X3380 or X3370

    looking for the above xeons cheap :]
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    E5-1600 v3 board with NVMe

    i faced with a problem of choosing mainboard for e5-1630v3 to use with p3700 2.5" ssd supermicro seem to can't offer anything for this. i looked into intel's site and also can't find some single-head m/b i understand they want me to use ssd with such a high iop's on multi-cpu system only. but...