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    Adding more disks for storage spaces

    Hello, I got 9* 8tb disks today in the mail. And was wondering how I should add them to my existing system. I currently have 5* 2tb drives in a storage pool with a ReFS volume. What would be the best way to include the new disks? Merging them into the current pool? Making a new pool and adding...
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    Upgrading HBA card to sas 6Gbit and adding more storage

    I'm planning on getting some new drives soon, and after checking what I have I found out I need a new HBA. My current card is a "HP SAS 3801E" (Only sas1, so max 2tb drives) and the one I'm looking to upgrade to is a "LSI SAS9207-8E" (seems to be the card people recommend for sas2?) My current...