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    Cisco ASR920

    I am considering this device to replace software routers (Vyos) that are not cutting it anymore. The main requirement is to terminate 4 10Gbps links and route between them at full line rate, 40Gbps in total. Production traffic on all 4 links can be very bursty. The routing table is pretty small...
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    Mellanox Onyx image

    Does anyone have access to last Onyx image and willing to share?
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    Mellanox Onyx update

    I was able to get a good deal on SN2700 switch, but it has a pretty old MLNX-OS release on it. Does anyone have access to a recent release and willing to share?
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    Xeon D-2187NT - any systems out there

    Has anyone seen a system based on Xeon D-2187NT (16c, QAT)? Have been looking for about a week. Supermicro has a lower spec Xeon D-2177NT, but no redundant PSU option which is a hard requirement for me. Dell has been teasing VEP4600 which seems to have a Xeon D-2187NT SKU, but no availability...