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    Supermicro X10-SRi-F showing onboard NICs with all zeros for mac addresses

    I got a board secondhand, with an old BIOS and IPMI. Updated both before even installing the board in the case, and now that I'm trying to bring the system up, the nics aren't detected. They don't even show up in lspci. In the IPMI interface, they are listed as all zeros for both. Anyone...
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    SC846 in a Netshelter CX Mini?

    My Ikea cabinet just isn't cutting it anymore for my IT needs at home. The Netshelter CX mini (with 12U conversion kit) looks like it might fit the bill, but I'm concerned that I won't be able to put something SC846 sized (depth wise) into it. This is the line that gives me pause "...convert...
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    WTB: Intel RES2SV240

    I'm kicking myself in the ass for not getting in on the $60 deal that popped up last year for these. Just looking for one. Let me know.