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    anyone knows DL180 G6 backplane power pin out?

    not sure if this goes under guide or under diy builds, mod please move thread to the right section if needed. I have an old DL180 G6 server thats broken into parts and sold, but I still have the chassis, cage and backplane left, mobo/PSU are long gone and I wanted to make use whats left. After...
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    Cisco UCS C3160

    does anyone have this chassis/server in use? Tried googling and couldn't find anything, not even a review much less about the noise level. wondering how loud it is for home use.
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    cascade lake xeon lga3647 soldered IHS?

    der8auer made a video here with his skylake SP deliding showing 4110 is with thermal paste and say all lga3647 are not soldered. but what about 2nd generation xeon scalable? iirc W3175x is also thermal paste same socket unlocked, 3275 however is locked and unsure if soldered or not, same...
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    about ram channel and bus speed limit

    I have plans to get 2nd generation cascade lake server, 6 channel with optane dimm, but with avx512 which uses a lot of bandwidth, ram speed will most likely be the bottleneck even with hexa channel (high core count CPU). my question is, if I use optane dimm in junction with ram (optane storage...
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    question about some raid cards

    was looking into raid cards in general, some LSI ones where you could just plug cable on either end to drive and raid card and start working. but then theres also some of these cards, like RES2SV240 raid expander card which mentioned "Adds up to 24 additional ports. It must be paired with a...
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    3990wx and the upcoming 5990x and wx

    are the wx CPU unlocked does anyone know? intels definitely not after their 3175x but what about AMD? this includes ram overclocking on their wx motherboard
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    need fan control, 4U server that can take NH-U14S DX-3647

    anyone knows any server thats capable of it? I know ASUS offer fan control but their board is quite limited in dimms slots, with 32GB dimms or smaller can't really go beyond 384GB in RAM size, or even use optane dimm for that matter without losing more ram slots. also how is NH-U14S DX-3647...