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    PoE Camera - ESD Protection

    For those of you who have PoE cameras installed on the exterior of your home (not on poles attached outside your home), did you put an ESD surge protector in place? Can you describe how you set it up?
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    Synology HAT5300 vs Seagate Exos X16 10-14TB Drives

    My WD Red 8 TB drives have had several failures over the years, and now I have two that are failing with bad sectors. My RS1221+ is configured in a RAID10 array. I'm planning to increase storage from 8 to 10, 12, 14, or 16 TB drives as they fail. Haven't decided on the size, but figured I...
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    Ethernet Cable Recommendations for Home

    I'm wanting to upgrade my ethernet cable from CAT6 to 6a. I currently have the following powered via PoE from a central switch (2.5G, may upgrade to 10G): 4 PoE access points, which I plan to upgrade to WiFi 6-compatible (probably 2.5G links) 6 PoE-powered switches, OK with them running 1G 2...