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    How do i turn on NX360 M4 in Lenovo NextScale N1200 chassis?

    I just picked up the Lenovo NextScale N1200 6U blade and populated it with NX360 M4 and NX360 M5 server nodes but it is showing rapidly blinking green light. When i press the power button, nothing happens. Everything seems fine. The fans work, the power supplies shows working and fine. I can...
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    APC PDU AP7911A is not showing any reading in web UI

    Everything else looks fine with the APC PDU AP7911A Rack PDU, Switched, 2U, 30A, 208V, (16)C13 - APC USA I have couple of devices plugged in already but i do not see any reading when logged into the web UI Also looking at the PDU physically also shows zero as reading also What am i...
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    Does Dell R730xd support GPU?

    I al going through dell's manual for the Dell R730xd and it states these servers do not support GPU but wanted to confirm if this is true Check page 10
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    Does Dell FC630 support U2 NVMe SSD drives?

    I have been searching everywhere to confirm if the DELL FC630 server node supports U2 NVMe SSD Spec sheet not very clear Will appreciate if anyone with experience with this is...
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    What Is Best Intel E5-2600 v4 CPU For A New TrueNas Core Build?

    Trying to build a new storage server running TreNAS CORE using Dell R730xd with 24 + 2 2.5" SSD It supports Intel E5-2600 v4 I am thinking buying just one E5-2699v4 but wanted to ask you guys what will be the best CPU to use for this build from the E5-2600v4 family
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    APC PDU 2U rack ears

    Anyone know where i can buy rack ears to mount APU AP7911A? The one i have have no rack ears and not sure if there are generic rack ears to use to mount any 2U devices
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    Low-Profile PCIe 3.0 VDI GPU

    I am looking for nvidia or AMD GPU for VDI that fit in low-profile PCIe 3.0 Anyone have any suggestions plan on using on the Dell FX2 blade chassis
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    RJ-45(1/10G) to QSFP+(40G)

    Anyone know of an interface to connect an ISP WAN uplink to a QSFP+ port of a router? Thinking of getting the monster CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ router How do i connect RJ-45 devices to this?
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    What is older model to Aruba 8320 10G switches

    Anyone know the older model to the new Aruba 8320 switches? Looking to find olde rmodel on ebay for cheaper interested in the 10G SFP+ and 10G BASE-T RJ45 models
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    What 8TB SSD will you put in a new server build?

    What is the best 8TB SSD to buy for new server build? Running database and IO intensive operations
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    2U or 4U GPU blade server for Nvidia K80 GPU

    I am looking for great 2U or 4U blade servers for GPU. The Nvidia GPU i plan to use are the nvidia K80, so any blade servers that support Intel E5-2600 v4 and also support Nvidia K80 i can use?
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    Does Dell FC430 support E5-2699 v4?

    From the Dell's datasheet for FC430, it states that this server node supports Intel E5-2600v3/v4 but can only support up to 18 cores. As we all know the max cores is 22 with E5-2699 v4 (145 Watts TDP) and there is also an 18 core in E5-2697 v4 (145 watts TDP) and there is also a lower TDP 18...
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    APC NetShelter CX 24U on home power outlet?

    Planning on buying this for home use. It is rated for 100-120V and maximum power draw at 15 A Can i plug this to regular home outlet? or do i need to do something special to accommodate such high power on one single power outlet at home? APC NetShelter CX 24U...
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    mikrotik core router to do direct routing and switching for servers

    I am trying to get rid of having to get a server for pfsense and also get a 10G switch, making it 2 things to worry about So why not get one giant mikrotik core router and connect my servers to it directly? I only have like 8 servers to connect to with dual 10 SFP+ ports each Here is the...
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    Does HP SL230s G8 support OS drive separate from 4 x SFF disk slots?

    Besides the 4 x SFF storage slots, is there a way to add an OS drive to install OS? I want to use this as a TrueNAS storage server and need all 4 x SFF slots for storage but will need to install TrueNAS OS on another drive. Do you understand this configuration? Thanks
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    Does the HP SL230s G8 allow NVMe drives?

    I know many people here have experience with the HP SL230s G8 with the HP S6500 blade chassis So wondering if anyone can confirm if they support NMVe drives. Use case will be to use NVMe as OS drive and then have SSD for the storage trays Please let me know Thanks
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    FS: colocation servers for sale in NJ

    i am looking to sell my colocation server gears which includes datacenter is located in NJ anyone interested will be picking them up in NJ cheapest combo hardware with 512GB total memory + 48TB total storage + 2 Juniper SRX240H2 routers + 2 Raritan 2U enterprise switched PDU 1 x HP SL6500...
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    Looking for soundoproof cabinets

    I am looking a 40 x 40 x 20 cubic inches or something similar like 18U height or so cabinet preferably furniture material i can use to reduce sounds of tower servers...i don't need the racks from rack cabinets..i just need an open space with the measurements above Will like to reduce the noise...
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    Help with VLAN and VLAN routing

    I am having trouble pinging between VLANs on the SG300-10 switch IP address of my switch is I have VLAN1 VLAN2 Main router IP address (i am using DD-WRT router) I can ping from and...
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    Nexenta/NexentaStor 3.1.5 just won't install

    I have tried installing bot the community version and enterprise versions of the Nexenta software and just can't install them. Tried them on 2 different physical systems that both install other softwares fine, except nexenta. I get to the install page and it says CD-Rom discovery failed...i...