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    Active vs Passive Heatsinks (in Supermicro Chassis)

    Well, there is most certainly a use case in which you swap out the super high noise fans for much slower moving and quiet ones. At which point, you then need to install heatsinks with active cooling to make up for the loss of airflow in the chassis. Overall, you can make the system a lot...
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    Cost effective 40Gbe and 10Gbe - Brocade ICX6610 to FreeBSD, VMWare ESXi, and Windows

    I don't know about flashing on a windows system, as I flashed them from freenas (after compiling and installing the full suite of tools). I think there are easier ways to flash from some linux distro's which you wouldn't need to compile everything. Once they have been flashed, it carries over...
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    Forcing DNS Setting Possible ?

    How is that even possible to not cause problems from a technical point of view? There are PLENTY of services/applications that simply communicate based on IP address and not perform a DNS query. I would start flooding them with hotlines about applications no longer working when trying to...
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    2x 56GbE Optimization, slow ceph recovery, and MLNX-OS S.O.S.

    Yes, at Gen 4.0 PCIe 16x, you can run both ports, but not all ConnectX-5 cards are PCIe 3.0, and in fact only the specific EX EN card is Gen 4.0. All other ConnectX-5 cards are Gen 3.0 and as such my statement stands. And I also didn't say that "redundancy is the *only* reason", it was...
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    2x 56GbE Optimization, slow ceph recovery, and MLNX-OS S.O.S.

    Well, for one thing, a dual port connectx3 or connectx4 card will not have the PCI-E bandwidth to use both ports. A PCI-E 3.0 8x link is limited to 64gbits per second (less when adding in the overhead of the protocol, this is why the fdr speed of 56gbits existed because factoring in overhead of...
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    Infiniband noob with some routing issues

    What is your exact ConnectX-3 card? Also, if you are really wanting to get the full speed of the network, unless you have an extremely fast CPU, using ipoib will be bottlenecked by your CPU as it requires the CPU to perform many of the standard network features (i.e. it is not using a hardware...
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    Cost effective 40Gbe and 10Gbe - Brocade ICX6610 to FreeBSD, VMWare ESXi, and Windows

    No, not all ConnectX-3 cards are 40gb. You will typically want a VPI card: MCX353A-QCBT MCX354A-QCBT MCX353A-FCBT MCX354A-FCBT Or ConnectX-3 Pro cards: MCX313A-BCCT MCX314A-BCCT All the other ConnectX-3 cards are 10gbe or infiniband only and can not be used for ethernet networking. As for...
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    Cost effective 40Gbe and 10Gbe - Brocade ICX6610 to FreeBSD, VMWare ESXi, and Windows

    One of the DACs I got on Amazon from 10GTek. The other was from I don't think the 6610 or the mellanox card is very picky. As for cheap 10Gbase-t cards, well they don't really exist yet. There are so many counterfeits out there that the used market is very suspect (assume anything that...
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    Cost effective 40Gbe and 10Gbe - Brocade ICX6610 to FreeBSD, VMWare ESXi, and Windows

    I bought HP 544QSFP MCX354A-FCBT cards which I connected to my 6610. One system is running pfsense, and the other is running XCP-ng which hosts a freenas vm for my storage. I originally paid $30 shipped for them at the time, but the price varies.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    If you have a serial cable setup that works with CISCO it will also work with the 6610. The reason for the confusion is because most people on this thread do not also have CISCO gear and/or proper serial support. So the general recommendation are the USB serial RJ45 connectors that are linked by...
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    Netgate removed all mention of pfSense from their website + Major Regressions in pfSense 2.5 and newer

    Yeah, I am starting to get worried about pfsense. The latest information seems to be that the opensource version is essentially dead at this point as they are not planning on releasing the re-work that they have been doing for months/years on many items that seem to be performance related. And...
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    SC846 rails stuck

    Yeah, I have seen that happen before. Never really fun trying to find the ball bearings so that you don't slip on them later on (or worse case in which they fell into another server and cause a short). I would say time for a new rack mount kit or rail. Also, the difference between the kits...
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    Looking for a NIC

    I said to hell with it on my pfsense system and installed a ConnectX-3 and connected my pfsense system to my network at 40Gb using a router-on-a-stick topography. If/when Comcast bumps up speeds I can just change whatever port I connect the cable modem in to my core switch to support whatever...
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    Mellanox ConnectX 3 VPI (MCX354A-FCBT) HP OEM but with Mellanox OEM Firmware - 40 USD each

    Gonna be tough at that length without going optical. The DACs are great when you are in the same room (or better still, same rack), but once you get beyond a few meters, you really need to start looking at optical based cables (but these might also have issues if you have tight corners you need...
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    HELP! Supermicro 846 Chassis, New Build, Won't Boot

    I can state that the 920SQ are really a requirement if you are trying to make these a quite system. In my 846, I initially just did the fan wall replacement and placed new heatsinks with fans on my CPUs, but kept my original power supplies, and this system still produced a lot of noise (even...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    So I started to pick up pieces to do a fan mod on the 6610, but seeing the mod above for the 6450 got me thinking of doing something similar, but with actually removing the internal fans and using the signal generator to fake them. I luckily have a rear-to-front cooling model so this should be...
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    Cable modem + L3 switch + pfsense router-on-a-stick

    I found the problem. It was a netmask issue on pfsense on it's LAN port. I must have missed setting it during the initial setup. Once I changed it, I was able to connect out. Now I just have my other issues with my network (i.e. getting my R9000 properly setup and working... so far the only part...
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    Cable modem + L3 switch + pfsense router-on-a-stick

    That might make sense. I will try and get a screenshot the next time I am working on it. I think the only rule I added was for ICMP on LAN to anywhere (and I think I limited it not by the network LAN, but by the device/interface).
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    Cable modem + L3 switch + pfsense router-on-a-stick

    So I am getting closer to having this all working. I still have some things not working, and I am not exactly sure why. Quick overview: ICX6610 with VLANs 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 98, and 99, with virtual router interfaces on all but 99, with default route pointing to the pfsense system...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Yeah, I have been debating this myself. I will probably be doing this next weekend (I am just debating on if I should use the existing FreeNAS VM I have already and set it up in there (cons being that I don't think it saves the config on updates, so I would need to do that manually and restore...