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    Norco & Adaptec 72405 - Mixing SAS & SATA

    Hi All, I need some new drives for my 24 bay Norco setup and it seems the SAS drive variants are cheaper. The backplanes apparently support SAS & SATA as does the Adaptec. I would initially be adding just 4 SAS drives so they would all be on one backplane card. Are there any compatibility or...
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    Why are all Threadripper boards so samey?

    Have been looking for a Threadripper board and it is getting irritating that every board uses the 16+8+16+8 layout. Why not a 3x16 layout, eg. X16+Space+Space+X16+Space+Space+X16, they could offer bifurcation on the bottom slot which would allow for heavy IO usage with dual triple slot graphics...
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    How slow are the timings on your DDR4 ECC RAM?

    Just got some 16GB ECC unbuffered sticks for a new build from Ebay (At least the price was good) and the timings look very slow: 2667 - 19-19-19-43 2400 - 17-17-17-39 2133 - 15-15-15-35 Are DD4 sticks normally on such slow timings? (Last time I looked at this with DDR3 there wasn't that much in...
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    Xeon E - Supermicro Boards Appearing - Release Date?

    Looks like it must be nearing release now, 2 boards appearing on Google for SM: X11SCH-F X11SCZ-F In the market for a board as of last week. Does anyone know when Xeon E releases? In particular a C246 version of the P10S-M WS/IPMI would be great.
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    Anyone running E5-46XX in a dual board?

    Hi All, I'm trying to use dual E5-4617 in a Supermicro motherboard and suffering from poor CPU performance in Windows (Linux is fine). Is there anyone else using this configuration? Is Windows performance OK?
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    Supermicro X9 Boards - No Acpi S3 Support?!?

    Does anyone else think this is strange; did the X9 dual board ever have S3 support? It is actually a bit of a handicap for workstation builds. Edit: Just noticed the X9DAE has S3 support but it seems strange they remove support from boards like the X9DAX which seems to be a workstation board too.
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    Single E5-16XX in Supermicro Dual board?

    I'm guessing it will work with CPU2 mem and PCI slots disabled but has anyone actually tried this config?