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    Sandy Bridge E5's

    What @ATS said. AVX workloads are a different ballpark. Keep within specs and you are fine. My 1U systems usually run warmer than my 2U and my 4U it depends on if I am trying to keep the box silent or not.
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    A few good 10Gb SFP+ switch deals I found $40/ port or less

    Moving away from Cisco or Juniper I've found a few interesting switch deals in the past weeks: Fujitsu - Fujitsu XG2600 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch XG2600A | eBay $800 but I bet you could get it for under $750 and Liquid8 is a good seller we've used many times. Description says there needs to...
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    ESXi 6.0 rather slow driver performance

    These days with SSDs no issue using onboard SATA. Now normal performance on a busy system with vm exits is another story.
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    Nice cheap 1U servers

    I don't post many great deals but these are selling for not much more than the cost of the case: ebay link: Supermicro 1U Server 6016T NTF 2X Quad Core E5540 2 53 GHz 16GB DDR3 2X 250GB 672042044801 | eBay The 250GB drives suck and the processors can be replaced with l5600's cheaply. They do...
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    Planned Mini-ITX Home ESXi Server Recommendations

    I'd suggest using a USB drive to install ESXi on so you can have 6 SATA ports free for that.
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    Sandy Bridge E5's

    How big of a case and what load?
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    PicoPSU Reliability

    Great find. I wonder if anyone makes a dual power brick solution. Redundant power bricks?!? I know it sounds crazy but they are cheap enough it might be worthwhile to avoid the issue of one dying.
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    CPU cooling - water vs air, overclocking etc

    Cheap Intel coolers if possible. I don't OC. I spend the extra money on CPU.
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    Proxmox 3.4 now integrated with ZFS

    I'm inclined to try after the posting.
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    How much has this site "saved" you in 2015?

    I don't think I actually save money. It's like when my ex used to tell me she saved $$$$ at Costco. I compared my pre-here what I would've spent on SSD and rackmount servers (7k) to what I did spend (4.5k) and that's a really nice fat of change to haul. And you peeps are fun too!
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    LOL @ this AD on this forum

    Compared to many forums/ sites - I'd say STH uses way fewer ads. I don't even go to [H] because of how intrusive it is now.
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    12U Rack

    Um @TeeJayHoward Backblaze?!?
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    What do people here use for video cards

    I'm not into OC at all. BUUUT - @OP - if you are on here, you probably have a $300 router not some linksys POS and you probably have at least 1-3 NAS units each with SSDs and HDDs worth a pretty penny. You -> Keyboard/ mouse -> PC -> GPU -> Monitor Get whatever you want. I read reviews and...
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    Intel Xeon D-1500 Series Discussion

    They know something!
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    Supermicro SAS2308 - $125 OBO

    LP bracket: Supermicro AOC S2308L L8I 6GB s 8 Port SAS SATA PCIe LSI 2308 LP RAID Controller | eBay I don't know if this is a super hot deal but it's $60 less than the next 2308 i saw and has a best offer.