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    10x NUC5PPYH NUC Mobo + 5 Nvidia Jetson TK1 + switch + DC power supply $300

    Totally missed that thread - even did a search. Thanks!
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    10x NUC5PPYH NUC Mobo + 5 Nvidia Jetson TK1 + switch + DC power supply $300

    Mine just got delivered... going to play with it today. Definitely an interesting alternative to RPi4
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    Current AEON profitability

    Two full racks worth of compute? I'm assuming that those are quad-node compute boxes, meaning you're looking at 320 processors of compute? That's absolutely absurd. Is this going in colo?
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    Anyone here mining with E5-2660 V2? They're cheap

    Motherboards for those processors are relatively rare and expensive. Good mining chip, though. A full system would probably run in the $500-600 range, which means you would likely be better off with traditional graphics cards in profitability.
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    STH AEON xmrig 1MB L3 cache Docker miner testing

    Thanks guys! huge increases with these new optomizations - I just added 40KH/s to bring me to 220.95 KH/sec
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    STH Aeon Mining Pool Beta Access

    Just a bunch of second-hand dual-proc Xeons.
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    STH Aeon Mining Pool Beta Access

    It was me - I added 20 nodes at 4 KH/s each. I've got some excess capacity that I'm throwing at the pool for the next couple of weeks while I'm prepping my environment for bigger things. All in, I'm pushing around 170KH/s right now.
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    STH Aeon Mining Pool Beta Access

    I'd totally be down to join in!
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    Intel X520-DA2 (low-profile bracket) - $100 ($60 BO)

    Same for me. Offered 50, countered with $85. Offered 55, countered with $80, Offered with $60, accepted.
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    Picked up 4 of these really early on for $40 a piece. They've been sitting in my living room for the past month or so. Anyone tried theirs out yet?
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    IBM Blade RackSwitch G8124 / G8124R

    I got lucky - I saw it hit my email on one of the eBay alerts I have set up, and it was listed as "for parts or not working". The seller said that the fans ran when they plugged it in, but had no way to test it. I assumed that this was because they didn't have that proprietary console cable...
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    IBM Blade RackSwitch G8124 / G8124R

    So I just got really lucky and managed to pick one of these up on ebay for $380. Anyway, it came without rack ears. Can anyone provide me a source for the rack ears for this thing? I would prefer not to pay the $200+ for the rack rails, and nobody seems to have stock on the ears.
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    E5-2420 v2 for $180

    I hate to post the same warning that is in every other thread about ES processors, but I feel like it's still necessary in case someone stumbles across this post... These processors are ENGINEERING SAMPLES. They will work identically to the final retail version (almost always), but some...
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    FS: IBM G8124 "SOLD"

    Teach me your ways! Seriously... I have a basically useless g8052 sitting in my apartment right now.
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    FS: IBM G8124 "SOLD"

    How do you connect to the console on this? I've heard that they use a mini-usb connector. Can they connect directly to the computer using a mini-usb to USB cable?