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    Trying to setup Ruckus ICX 7150 12 port w/Macbook

    I recently bought a Ruckus switch, and I cannot seem to get into the webui for the switch. I tried super/sp-admin for the password, but that didn't work. I then tried to factory reset (pulled plug, held rest button, re-enabled power, held for 10 - status lights all went flashing amber) but the...
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    WAP similar to quality of Ruckus?

    I have been looking for a used r710 for a bit, but I am coming up empty handed. What would be another quality WAP to look for/use that is similar to Ruckus in performance / reliability?
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    WTB Ruckus r710 unleashed access point

    Finally have most of my gear for my pfSense build, only missing a WAP. Looking to buy a working Ruckus r710 WAP w/unleashed Anyone have one for sale?
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    M.2 SSD for an HP T730 Thin Client?

    Looking to upgrade the M.2 SSD in the T730 that is currently en route to me... Any suggestions on what might/should work in there?
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    Switch Suggestions? LF Compact managed POE switch w/12-16 ports

    Looking for compact unit as this will be sitting on a wire shelf in the closet under the stairs (with minimal ventilation). This will be for a pfSense install, and will be used to feed a few drops in the house + 2 Ruckus AP's. Prefer something reliable, sips power at idle, and has enough...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Brand new here, have yet to read through the 329 pages, but I did ping pong around some search results in this thread. I am considering purchasing a Ruckus ICX7150 - C12P - 2X1G from eBay, but wondering if that is advisable. I saw a couple mentions of PSU's dying, and since these are not...