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    Micron 5100 eco 960gb 2.5inch $70/each, obo

    Thanks Zac, I figured they'd be similar. I might try them though, offer $60 for 4 and see what happens. I'd use them in a zfs mirror anyways.
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    Micron 5100 eco 960gb 2.5inch $70/each, obo

    Has anyone tried these 480GB 'bakers choice' from Unixsurplus? $19.00 before best offer.
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    [Update: Seller Complaints Accumulating] HGST Ultrastar He10 - 10TB @ $129.95

    I had 4 arrive yesterday, all were Jan 2018 with almost 30k power on hours, ~15 start/stop cycles, ~165 TB written. Currently using with an LSI 9207-8i in IT mode. So far so good! Hope they last at least another 30-50k hours.
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    Advice for building server

    I'd echo Rand, you may want to get a quote from someone who can sell Dell/HP/etc servers with valid service contracts and warranty.
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    Asrock X570D4U-2L2T Build

    Cool project, will these be colocated? What games will they be serving? I've been out of the game server world for so long, last clan I helped run we were maxing out old Intel x3440 dedicated servers with 100+ user Minecraft servers and tons of call of duty MW2 AlterIWNet. Those were the days..
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    Overheating problems with 2x Epyc 7742 in Define 7 XL 1TB/2TB RAM

    I'll echo the others - you need to get this in a server case with high pressure fans - itll probably be loud but it should be stable. That company should refund you, they sold you something that doesn't work. crazy!
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    lga3647 esxi build to host my Oracle Apps/Databases

    Cool thread, just finished reading. I personally haven't seen many customers upgrade to version v7 yet, mostly because it is so new. If 6.7 is doing everything you need it to then you may want to wait a bit for the first or second service update.
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    HexaCore Restoration Project under way (AMD Phenom II 960T)

    I still have one of those 960T's in an old LAN party case. I wasn't as lucky with the 2 core unlock, so its still just a quad core. Nice post!
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    All NVME Epyc Small Server

    Have you considered a server style case with multiple PSU options?
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    Yeah, but I wanted an ATX motherboard with 8 ram slots and remote management. That narrowed the field greatly -.-
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    I pulled the trigger on an X9SRL-F-O. $270 is a lot to swallow for a motherboard!
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    Awesome, that's what I was hoping to hear!
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    Would a CPU cooler like this prevent any throttling problems? Supermicro 4U Active CPU Heatsink Cooling for X9 UP/DP Systems SNK-P0050AP4: Computers & Accessories I'm going to be using a standard desktop case so space isn't a concern.