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    CPU Price/Performance for KVM Server & H.264 decoding

    do you run motion detection with full resolution or do you have so many cameras that it would matter? if you use substreams for motion detecion, i would not see the need for special hardware.
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    Surveillance Drives vs NAS/Enterprise

    The NVR drives are usually optimized for running continuous write operations. you don't need a great bandwidth either, a current 4k h.265 camera writes only at 0.5mb/sec. Otherwise these drives are often equipped with much less cache and run only at 5400 rpm. however, the disks are also much...
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    Interesting requirement for AIO Unraid, VM, Docker, WIndows, Ubuntu..

    I use a quite old Xeon 1220v3 with Proxmox and 10 Dahua/Reolink 4K cameras. The VM is a simple Windows Box with 2 Cores => 26% avg cpu usage. I have also one box with a slow Celeron 3150N testbox. It can´t handle 2 4k Streams in full resolution, even with gpu support enabled. with substreams...
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    Interesting requirement for AIO Unraid, VM, Docker, WIndows, Ubuntu..

    Most highres cameras supports sub-streams with lower resolution. since 2 weeks BI have a much better integration for these sub-streams: i disabled the gpu already on my BI system, the cpu can handle these 0,3 -...
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    EU WTB: Intel DC U.2, M.2 or PCIe

    i am looking for 2 intel ssd with 1-2 TB, form factor does not matter.
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    SOLD: 64 sticks of DDR3 8GB 12800R ECC Server RAM ($5 per stick)

    i would like to take 20 pieces, would you also ship to austria / europe?