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    WD Red Plus Launched with CMR

    I think they would be better off killing the brand. I know it would suck for them, but they have tainted it now and people won't trust it. Creating a new, premium version of it that is really just the same thing we always had with a new name and a price increase is even worse! Ask IBM how...
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    GPU Passthrough Radeon GPUs to Client VM

    I do passthrough with AMD. It's an older RX580, but it works great. I can't offer any advice on ESXI though, as I do it in Linux/VFIO. I didn't have any trouble on the Windows side with drivers etc, and it knows it's virtualized.
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    Cheap Raid controller for Raid 10..

    Most of the HBAs we usually use for ZFS come with the firmware for RAID modes. You could likely use one of those to manage a RAID10 setup. They are cheap and can do 8 SATA or SAS drives with inexpensive cables. Windows also has built in support for RAID10 if you want to go with a software based...
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    A few questions

    You can put together something that will work on that platform. It's going to be a bit slower, but considering that you will probably be connecting over 1gbit or even wifi, Most HBAs are PCIe 2.0, and cards are usually compatible with older slots. So you're good there. It looks like your...
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    Can't Putty into ICX6450

    You could find and read the pulses with an oscilloscope, or logic analyzer but most people here probably don't have one. A multimeter can't detect the faster pulses serial data uses.
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    WD Red & avoiding the SMR pitfall

    Apparently, WD doesn't want to be able to sell the Red brand anymore. They might as well shut it down, it's dead now other than known-good model numbers. Nobody is going to buy the premium versions either, when they can get a different brand for a better price and performance. The only thing I...
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    WD Red & avoiding the SMR pitfall

    They tried to hide it because they know that anyone working with arrays would avoid them like the plague. And rightly so. They are so bad that many array systems will mark them as failed. When the drives are marketed specifically for NAS usage, that's downright false advertising as far as I'm...
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    Best NAS software to use for my use case

    Everyone's use cases are different. I don't buy into the "one true way" stuff, there's a best for you, a best for me, etc.. :) I like the tradeoffs that ZFS makes. I don't need so much storage that "wasted" space for error recovery is an issue for me. I also prefer the easier expansion and...
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    Will GPU passthru help me?

    You could also try Parsec or NX instead of VNC or RDP. Parsec is designed for game streaming. NX seems to be a more efficient VNC type setup. I played with them on my desktop with some VMs and locally performance was much improved over VNC/RDP. They both work with 4k as well, but there is slight...
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    Need recommendations for Wifi access point

    If you really want the wifi firewalled, you can just put a Pi or similar on that network to be the controller. I don't separate it like that, I just use VLANs to split off the couple of IoT things onto the guest network that way. Then the pfSense has an interface on the vlan to limit them to...
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    GPU Passthrough in Proxmox

    I haven't tried in Proxmox, just Ubuntu/KVM. But I chose AMD GPUs to avoid NVidia's stupidity. I also don't need a ton of GPU power, so the latest stuff doesn't matter for me. As I understand it, Code 43 is NVidia's drivers refusing to work in a VM unless you buy a Quadro card. I know there are...
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    Ebay scammers

    Just file a dispute with ebay and paypal if you used them. They generally side with the buyers, probably a little too much. Make sure you get screenshots of the listing and point out how what you got is not what was advertised.
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    Emulator Box Build - VM or HTPC?

    I have a little system running standalone on a Raspberry Pi 3. It works well till about N64, that's a bit slow. A Core2Duo Mac Mini does well with it though. I didn't try newer systems as GC works on my Wii and I'm using hardware PS3 and XBox One. I considered trying the streaming stuff, but...
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    Cheap generic rails?

    It's entirely possible that you don't. Server gear isn't cheap. The best option is to look for chassis with rails. I ran into it too, just went with the mini shelf type for one machine as I bought it before I had a rack so it was on a shelf anyway. The rails are available, but shipped they are...
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    Burned installers are leaving Ubiquiti

    This is making me glad I only have one AP, and it looks like it is supported by OpenWRT.