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    10g Home NAS Setup

    It does. Switches will adjust the speed for each port to what it can handle. That, combined with flow control at the software level, means you will get the best speed that the two ports can provide. So 10g->1g will get 1g speeds, while 10g->10g will get 10g. More importantly for me, the server...
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    Silhouette Alta Plus for 3D Printing - any good?

    For more budget friendly, but good quality printers, check out Creality. There are a lot of good reviews of them, and they make good prints. For a more premium option, Prusa is highly regarded and is generally a better quality setup with better support. To a point, you do get what you pay for...
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    Need advise to overcome 2 slot GPU covering my PCIe x8 slot

    Watercooling? That could open a slot.. Mill down the existing heatsink? :)
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    IPv6 Firewalls

    So, continuing to try to increase my understanding of IPv6. I set up pfSense to act as a prefix delegation server on a VLAN for my address space. I then set up a VM on my main Proxmox machine to connect to it as a lab network using OPNSense and OpenWRT. Both are able to get a prefix...
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    IPv6 Firewalls

    One more pfsense weirdness. I figured I have a /60 from Comcast. I have a guest wifi network on a vlan. So I set it to track the wan on another ID. That interface got a valid address on the ID after release/renew. But when I set up RA/DHCP and plugged a machine into a switch port for that...
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    IPv6 Firewalls

    So, I was trying to do that today and spent hours wondering what I was on. I already have VLANs on the network, the switch and pfSense are setup for it for things like IoT isolation. As well as a couple of containers in my Proxmox server. I added a new VLAN, got a linux box talking to it after...
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    IPv6 Firewalls

    That's the basic version of the problem. I probably should have included a tl/dr. :) If you add another static IPv6 address to the interface that has a delegated prefix that you use "Track Interface" on, it breaks. Not immediately, it breaks on reboot or DHCP reset, which is even worse. It's...
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    IPv6 Firewalls

    I found a way to add ULA to the LAN. It does not let you assign an address to the firewall, but it does let you advertise the route so that the clients will assign addresses to themselves. It's under the RA service tab, subnets. The documentation implies that it lets you advertise a subnet of...
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    IPv6 Firewalls

    So, I am working with IPv6 via Comcast residential. Like most residential services, the addresses are handed out via DHCP and subject to change any time. In practice, I have seen them stick for long periods, but any detailed firewall rules or other features that need a prefix entered won't work...
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    WD Red Plus Launched with CMR

    I think they would be better off killing the brand. I know it would suck for them, but they have tainted it now and people won't trust it. Creating a new, premium version of it that is really just the same thing we always had with a new name and a price increase is even worse! Ask IBM how...
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    GPU Passthrough Radeon GPUs to Client VM

    I do passthrough with AMD. It's an older RX580, but it works great. I can't offer any advice on ESXI though, as I do it in Linux/VFIO. I didn't have any trouble on the Windows side with drivers etc, and it knows it's virtualized.
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    Cheap Raid controller for Raid 10..

    Most of the HBAs we usually use for ZFS come with the firmware for RAID modes. You could likely use one of those to manage a RAID10 setup. They are cheap and can do 8 SATA or SAS drives with inexpensive cables. Windows also has built in support for RAID10 if you want to go with a software based...
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    A few questions

    You can put together something that will work on that platform. It's going to be a bit slower, but considering that you will probably be connecting over 1gbit or even wifi, Most HBAs are PCIe 2.0, and cards are usually compatible with older slots. So you're good there. It looks like your...
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    Can't Putty into ICX6450

    You could find and read the pulses with an oscilloscope, or logic analyzer but most people here probably don't have one. A multimeter can't detect the faster pulses serial data uses.
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    WD Red & avoiding the SMR pitfall

    Apparently, WD doesn't want to be able to sell the Red brand anymore. They might as well shut it down, it's dead now other than known-good model numbers. Nobody is going to buy the premium versions either, when they can get a different brand for a better price and performance. The only thing I...