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    HP EliteDesk Mini 705 G3

    Which of those can run ESXi?
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    Server/NAS/HTPC combo.

    My build is finally up and running, can post little NAS/HTPC combo: -Sliger Cerberus -Xeon E5-2683v3 (14 Cores @ 2.0Ghz) -128Gb DDR4 2400 ECC REG. -Asrock Rack EPC612D4U-2T8R -Asus RTX 2070 Dual Mini OC. -Samsung PM1725 NVMe 3.2Tb -Seagate Nytro 3330 15.36Tb SAS SSD -Corsair SF450 Platinum...
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    Gigabyte R180-F34 1U Server (2011-3) $94-109 + Shipping

    Oh, I thought it's EATX mobo. With prop mobo I'd skip it.
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    [FS][US-IL] PM1725 NVMe 3.2Tb, Intel 750 U.2 400Gb NVMe, Radeon WX2100 card, HD8490, LSI 9300-8i HBA..

    Hi all. Finally downsized my rig and have few parts for sale: Samsung PM1725 3.2Tb NVMe drive - $500 Add-In card, PCIe 3.0 x8, 6000MBps Seq read speed. Perfect for VM storage. Intel 750 NVMe, 400Gb - $60. Comes with Intel M.2 to U.2 adapter. Radeon WX2100 - $60. Was used in workstation...
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    EU [WTB] LGA 2011 DUAL Board + memory + 2* XEON V3

    I got Asus z10pe-d16 ws with pair of 14 core xeons, but im in states
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    Dual Epyc Poker Solver Workstation

    Professional poker player but only have budget for 3700x against other poker player with TERABYTES of RAM on dedicated servers? LOL The only industry where such stuff(terabytes of memory/overclocked CPU) might be helpful is HFT, but usually those guys don't care about pricing. Can't think of...
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    WTB: Samsung PM1725

    I have 3.2Tb AIC card if you're interested.
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    i wanna buy a mini ITX amd board with 10G nic

    I'm not familliar with modern stuff, but afaik you can set power target with X570 boards. That's usually discussed in SFF (small form factor) communities. People were talking about bringing 3900x chips from stock 105W to 65W, because of small CPU coolers. It seems doable, but I'm not sure about...
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    [WTB] DDR4 ECC REG Rams

    I got 8 sticks of 2133 16Gb Samsung memory if you're interested.
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    Small and cheap laptop recommendations

    I got X270 for exactly that: i7-7600, 16Gb ram, 512Gb SSD, installed extra SSD in WAN card place. Comes with FHD screen, USB-C port and couple USB-A ports and ethernet(!!). You can even swap battery if needed. Great little working machine.
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    i wanna buy a mini ITX amd board with 10G nic

    I'm waiting for that board too, but I'm afraid it will end up too expensive.
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    Cheap 16-core build with IPMI: what's possible currently?

    1. X399d8a-2t is $450 on amazon right now. 2. Mind you asking where did u get info about x570d4i-2t? I remember reading april 2020 and haven't seen price yet. 3. Agree on the rest. Id use ryzen as workstation, but take intel for server. With no support id rater take proven platform. Ps. Local...
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    Cheap 16-core build with IPMI: what's possible currently?

    I'm waiting that that mobo as well. Everything else is ready for 10g. If you need more performance, you can look at: X399D8A-2T: ASRock Rack > X399D8A-2T Threadripper with 10Gb ports and lots pf PCIE slots. I'd check if you need more then 128Gb of memory (I think that's Ryzen limit). If you...
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    Synology Low Speed with 40Gbps NIC & Nvme SSD

    I assume you're using Add-in cards, right? I was playing with two of those in single system (C612 Also, Dual Xeon 2683v3). I tried to run mdadm raid0 and reached 9500MBps seq read. Just tested using crystaldisk mark and getting 5600MBPS seq read off single drive. Interestingly, that similar...
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    PoE fanless switch with 10GbE SFP+

    I have Aruba 2930F-8G running in my home. Have extra if you're interested. 8x 1Gbps POE+ ports. 2x 10G SFP+ ports. Running 3x Aruba 303H Ap with POE. 10Gbps NAS and Workstation and etc. Supports all the enterprise features you might ever need: BGP, OSPF, do1x, etc