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    DataOn DNS-2760 - Rebranded HGST 4U60G2 - $323 on ebay

    Got the last one of these. Now have to find some rails or shelf for it.
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    Cisco C220 M4 - CIMC Firmware Flash Error

    Looks like I posted this in the wrong section. I'd move it if I could, but don't see an option. If a moderator could move this, would be appreciated.
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    Cisco C220 M4 - CIMC Firmware Flash Error

    So first off, let me fully admit that I screwed up here! I was flashing the CIMC firmware on a new C220 M4 I picked up, without any UPS connected, and the power went out for 2 seconds, killing the server right in the middle of the firmware flash. Cisco seems to think that flashing a single...
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    Processor Choice: E5-2660v2 or E5-2689

    Mobilenvidia - thank you, great reference that I'm going to save off. :)
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    Processor Choice: E5-2660v2 or E5-2689

    What 2600v2 cpu would you recommend that would have the best of both worlds? (clock and cores) I believe the 2689v0 was always unique due to it's turbo configuration, it would run most of it's cores at a very aggressive pace if I remember correctly. Is there anything similar on the v2 platform?
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    Processor Choice: E5-2660v2 or E5-2689

    Thanks for the comments, I had come to roughly the same conclusion based on the single threaded perf vs the extra cores which is why I'm leaning toward the v2 model. I don't have any knowledge of how much better v2 was over the v0 line in regard to virtualization. I have played with both of...
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    Processor Choice: E5-2660v2 or E5-2689

    I believe they were considered v0 not v1. If I remember correctly, there is a 2689v0 and a 2689v4. I am not willing to splurge on the v4. :)
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    CPU and mainboard recommendation

    Not sure if you've looked into it, or if you want to deal with the added power consumption it will take, but you may consider going with a SAS drive instead of SATA. The SAS drives are so much more reliable compared to SATA. Most of my modern SATA drives seem to have a lifespan of 2 years max...
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    Supermicro putting IPMI/BMC and BIOS downloads behind logins?

    At least they aren't as bad as HPE
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    Processor Choice: E5-2660v2 or E5-2689

    If you had to pick between these two processors (E5-2660v2 or E5-2689), which one would you likely go with and why? I'm currently leaning toward the 2660v2, but the benchmarks I've seen online seem to be about even. Planning to use it in a Proxmox server running several linux instances...
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    New Router Suggestions (Multi-Gig/10 GbE)

    I'm with RTM on this. Seems like you are looking for an all-in-one solution that checks all the boxes. I'm sure it's out there, but they are usually expensive and when you have a problem with an all-in-one solution, it usually means the "all" is broken - no routing for internet, no switching...
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    ICX 6450 and 6610 - excellent switches!

    I didn't have any issues with the TFTP. I have a TrueNAS server and it was just a matter of flipping a TFTP switch in the service section and dropping those files into the correct directory on the server to be retrieved. What issue are you running into with TFTP currently?
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    S2600GL vs HP DL360p Motherboards

    Setting up Proxmox on the s2600gl utilizing IOMMU to pass through a sas card was very straightforward. No issues at all, followed the standard guide and it all just worked. On an HP G8 platform, this would have required several hoops to jump through to reach this point. I know of the hoops...
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    How do you avoid Lightning damage?

    Thanks for the reference to the Ditek brand - it seems like it would work well, but wow is that expensive.
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    S2600GL vs HP DL360p Motherboards

    So far with my testing, the s2600gl is consuming about 30 more watts than the DL360p. The HP doesn't have the same CPUs currently, but have a few on order that should show up in a few days for me to swap out. Currently the Intel is running dual e5-2689, and those are rated at a higher wattage...