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    [WTB][US-GA] 2x SuperMicro AOC-SLG3-2M2

    WTB two Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2M2 with low profile brackets.
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    Would you consider this exchange insulting?

    User A on another platform listed an item for sale at $1000. User B posted: when your item does not sell in 3-4 weeks I’ll take it for $800 cash. I replied to B’s post that it was insulting to make a public declaration demanding 20% off and assuming the deal would close. Is my reply insulting...
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    [SOLD] 3 x UAP-AC-PRO

    Ahh, you are the one who beat me to buying the R710!
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    FS: Mellanox ConnectX-5 Ex PCIe 4.0 Dual 100GbE

    Is this part of your job or do you have one hell of a homelab?
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    WTB Ruckus ZoneFlex R720

    Looking for a Ruckus ZoneFlex R720. Shipping to GA, 30542.
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    ESXi 7.0: 983 DCT or 970 EVO Plus? Or then what is a good NVMe SSD for homelab?

    I honestly doubt you will be able to notice the difference in performance from any of the drives.
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    Dual Xeon-D

    Your Ebay link says ASrock. Are they ASrock boards in a SuperMicro Chassis?
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    HP A5820X-24XG-SFP+ 24x 10GbE SFP+ 4x Gigabit - $175

    I was a sucker and lampooned my lab with 10GbT so I went with Arista and a lovely rack mounted heater.
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    HP A5820X-24XG-SFP+ 24x 10GbE SFP+ 4x Gigabit - $175

    Check out the thread on Brocade: Btw, enough the rabbit hole.
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    [WTB] SuperMirco CSE-846B within 100m of 30542

    My funny/interesting story.. My first interaction with computers was a Dell Alpha with a Sony 21 Trinitron monitor. After college I went shopping for a computer and bought a 486 SX with no math coprocessor, 15" monitor, windows 3.11 and Mindspring internet over 26.6 baud. Talk about a letdown in...
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    [WTB] SuperMirco CSE-846B within 100m of 30542

    Thanks for pointing this out.. It should be 846B. I spent part of my day playing around with an old HP Vectra running a 486 DX100 and completely have 486 on the brain.
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    [WTB] SuperMirco CSE-846B within 100m of 30542

    Tossing it out there.. maybe someone has a Supermicro CSE-846B chassis they are looking to sell. It does need to be model B which supports Drive Kit MCP-220-84610-0N. If your chassis already has the drive kit I would want to purchase that as well. Located in 30542 and would want to pickup the...
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    Where to Start with Switching Home Network from Consumer Grade to Ent Grade?

    Congratulations on the Brocade. It is a solid switch. I started my journey at the firewall. I went with pfSense. For me, it made more sense to start at the firewall because everything else connected to it: DNS, DHCP... I quit recommending Unifi equipment. The heaping pile of trash that was the...
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    nvme problems

    This is very theoretical so take it with a grain of salt. I doubt there is anything to modify in the BIOS. If the OS can see the drive at any point your settings should be correct. I would double check your SATA configuration and make sure they are set to AHCI. Hopefully you have a second m.2...