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    Small micro-atx case for firewall usage

    I used an Antec Aria for a PBX and ISDN server, kind of comparable use case. The Antec Aria serves only as an example, I liked that it had very big slow turning fans, a clever airflow and it was very silent/unnoticeable. In my opinion it takes up less space than these ultra-slim cases. If put...
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    Best practices to mount graphics card in a rack server (placing, fans)?

    Hello, I have an Intel 2U server and wanted to add a consumer grade graphics card(RX 590). The mainboard should support it and fortunately there are power outlets on the mainboard for exactly this purpose, but I do have a problem, to physically place it. The heatsink has heatpipes that extend...
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    Solution to Supermicro/LSI/Intel RAID hell

    I was not happy with my benchmarks on storage spaces, but that was using a rather individual hardware config. What you should keep in mind that Microsoft changed the support for ReFS in Win 10 Pro (see here). I think Storage Spaces only make sense with ReFS, so you should keep this in mind.
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    Intel 2600CP SDR File Hacking

    I am trying to reduce the fan speed on my S2600WTTR inside an original Intel server. (its different than 2600cp, but this seemed like the best place) I have managed to lower the idle RPMs from 4400 to ~2400 by adjusting the Curve Record. (had to use trial and error to find the applicable...
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    Cheap SFF-8643 extender/controller or adapter cables?

    The first cage is connected with two 8643 cables directly to the mainboard: Cages: So I have the option of either using an SAS expander (like Intel RES2CV360 with additional cables or RES3TV360) or to insert a RAID card. It seems that the RAID card is the cheaper and more performant...
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    Cheap SFF-8643 extender/controller or adapter cables?

    Hello, I have recently bought an Intel server system (R2000WT family) with 24x2.5 slots, only to discover that only the first of the three cages is wired. RES3TV360 would solve this problem. Additional cables with SFF-8643 connectors were included. I have seen other threads mentioning the...