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    Job lot(s) of 10x 1U 40GbE Hyve servers Tyan boards for V3/V4 Xeon $2,250

    I read the item description. Does the language and sentence structure seem broken to anyone else? I usually avoid buying when that happens.
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    Supermicro X9DRL-iF + CPUs + 64GB RAM - $100

    It was me. This forum will be the end of me lol. Been looking for a spare x9 board for a while at a good price. Thank you BlueFox
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    ZFSonLinux QAT acceleration in 0.7.0

    Update: Tried the new proxmox 6 with kernel 5.0.18-1-pve and ran into yet another issue. Using the Intel QAT Driver qat1.7.l.4.6.0-00025.tar.gz the kernel API is missing symbols. That's about as far as I got sadly. usdm_drv: Loading USDM Module Version 0.7.1 ... usdm_drv: IOCTLs: c0507100...
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    Memorial Day Sales - P3605, 3TB, 4TB, S9300, etc.

    I Purchased the 20x 3TB lot on the 22nd of this month and have yet to see it ship. Thought he'd be caught up by now. Waiting till Monday next week to reach out to him.
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    Netlist Expressvault Cards EV3 Information

    Has anyone worked with Netlist and specifically the EV3 cards? (Link: Netlist Inc. - Products - Non Volatile Memory - EXPRESSvault PCIe (EV3)) I Recently got a couple (am waiting for them to show up) and seem to be unable to locate drivers online for them. I have contacted Netlist and hope to...
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    (Sold out) New HP Micron 5100 Pro 1.92TB M.2 SATA SSD with PLP 179$ or BO

    Was able to pick one of these up a week or so ago for $130. Here's the performance info for those interested. " Model : MR001920GWFMB AllocatedSize : 1920382361600 FirmwareVersion : HPGB LogicalSectorSize : 512...
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    $25 400GB HP/Samsung MLC SATA SSDs

    Looks like there is some critical firmware for these also. I'd suggest making sure they're HPG4 firmware and if not to update them. and $20 for a 400GB boot drive with 7PB endurance? Not Shabby!
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    [FS] Chenbro CK23601 SAS Expander | Brand New in Box

    " tycoonbob was last seen: Jun 27, 2015 " I'm gonna say he;s likely not going to respond. Nice thread necro tho.
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    (ENDED)BestBuy WD EasyStore 10TB $159.99

    I REALLY wanted to buy some of these, I just can't justify replacing my trusty 3TB SAS Disks that cost me $20 a piece. Other than power/heat I'm not saving much. Booooooo
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    FS: 2.5" SAS SSDs and HDDs

    I have a large amount of drives I no longer need as I've moved away from storing everything at my place and use co-location now-a-days. Prices below are all OBO 24x Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 2.5" SAS HDDs (ST9100640ss) - $35 a drive + Shipping (SOLD) 33x HGST 450GB 10,000RPM 2.5 SAS HDDs...
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    ZFSonLinux QAT acceleration in 0.7.0

    lsinitramfs -l /boot/initrd.img-4.15.18-11-pve | grep -i zfs -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 28 Feb 12 10:40 etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf No ko loaded root@proxmox2:/boot# cat /etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf blacklist spl blacklist zfs
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    ZFSonLinux QAT acceleration in 0.7.0

    So I finally got some work done on setting up my root partitions using mdadm and lvm partitions instead of zfs and took the dive in rebuilding my proxmox server. Sadly even with all the configuration I couldn't end up getting QAT to load enough before zfs for it to be used. When I initially...
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    ZFSonLinux QAT acceleration in 0.7.0

    Well that stinks, I do have a mirrored rpool so I might have to wait for a commit to the repo. I've always used a rpool mirror since many of the critical files for the Proxmox VMs exist there (conf files, etc...) . I might also look into compiling my own zfs version for giggles. Already have 2...